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We are a team of cybersecurity enthusiastic journalists and experts that aims at creating a secure cyber environment. We have been imparting knowledge on the practices and latest trends of data privacy, Infosecurity, browser security, cloud security, and more. 

At Beencrypted, we guide you to browse the web safely and reduce the risks hovering over your device. Our mission is to educate and aware the audience in the best possible way by delivering the best content. We provide authentic news, articles, and blogs on a wide range of topics surrounding cybersecurity. We also review different security products and give insight into how and why to use them.

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How Do We Earn?

Beencrypted is an independent privacy blog that makes every effort to ensure you are safe over the internet. We provide our readers with well-researched, authentic, and unbiased content that contains affiliate links to get referral sales from affiliate sites. We don’t endorse any product via these links. These links help you avail of the discount deals, and we get a small commission price from your purchase. The profit we make through it helps our business grow in the market.

We are hopeful that our valued customers will continue to support us by buying the products and they won’t regret it.