Privacy Policy

At BeEncrypted, we understand the importance of data security, and for this reason, we strive to provide free extensive research on network security, data privacy, and VPN encryption. We also provide free guides to train customers to protect their data from intruders. Every day, we update our guides on how readers can defend themselves using encryption because we believe encryption is the most secure form of data protection.

Not only do we educate readers, but we also ensure that we respect the privacy and concerns of visitors to our website. Our Privacy Policy tells you how we gather personal information, what types we collect, how we use and disclose them, and the measures we take to protect consumer information.

Whenever you visit this site, understand that the Privacy Policy is in effect while you use BeEncrypted. We aim to increase your trust in our company with this policy and the services we render to improve your overall experience.

Therefore, following the industry regulations and standards enforced by state and federal governments, we comply with this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection and Usage

This Privacy Policy applies to everyone who uses our products or services and those who have visited our website, which BeEncrypted, a ‘FOR PROFIT’ information technology company, owns. Note that this policy only applies to this website and other services that controls for the means or purposes of processing your personal information. 

This policy would not apply to websites or services managed by other organizations to which BeEncrypted links or business partners that get your personal information through us, as service providers, according to your request, for their product or services. However, information collected by on behalf of a third party acting as a service provider may be subject to both this privacy policy and the third party’s privacy policy.

Consider reading these organizations or companies’ respective privacy to gather more information on their personal information practices and users’ rights. Personal information refers to details that describe, identify and are relatively capable of being associated with, linked, or related to a human being or family. It may include a real name, telephone number, e-mail address, payment information, account ID, and postal address.