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How Secure Is Avast Password Manager – Review 2023

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Avast Password Manager

Quick Review


Avast has long since been recognized for its antivirus. However, it also offers a password manager that users can use in the free and premium versions. The password manager provides good usability, is easy to use, and has a basic password validation feature. But, it lacks in other areas and fails to provide a service matching its competitors. Here's a comparison of both its strengths and weaknesses. 

Free version available
Random password generator
Desktop and mobile apps
Fast autofill
Free Antivirus Suite in Windows
Stopped its service
Lacks 2FA and audit report feature
Limited browser extension features
The download process is slow
No Linux client support
No password-sharing option

Avast markets its password manager under the name “Avast Passwords.” The password manager offers a secure and reliable option for protecting credentials and storing sensitive information within an encrypted vault. Additionally, it provides relatively decent security features such as:

Random Password GeneratorIt allows users to randomly create long, strong, unique, and hack-proof passwords for their accounts. 
One-Touch LoginIt enables mobile users to access the password manager installed on Windows. 
Password GuardianIt warns the users of any weak, compromised, or leaked passwords. 
Automatic AutofillIt stores users’ login credentials and other information and auto-fills the web forms and access accounts. 
Zero-Knowledge ModelIt guarantees that all the users’ data remains private to them and is not accessed by anyone else. 
Censoring Details It censors users’ sensitive data like credit card numbers and CVC/CVV.
Credential EditingUsers can edit their credentials at the time of entry or while importing from a browser or some other password manager. 
Export Data It easily exports data to the accounts that users want to sign in to. 
Import Browser DataUsers can import all their browsing data with a single click and can avoid the hassle of manually saving the data. 
Basic Password ValidationThe password manager doesn’t provide a detailed password report, but it gives basic color indicators within the form capture feature when a website is added. 

While Avast has now discontinued its sale of new password manager subscriptions, it still offers subscription renewals and customer support to those who have it. However, the password manager is known to have a few significant drawbacks. For instance, it lacks a 2FA, fine-grained sharing, password leak checker, and audit report feature. But since its use is still somewhat popular, it is best to dive deep into its review to find out if it's secure and worth maintaining the subscription or not. 

Managing Avast Password Manager Settings

Downloading and installing Avast Passwords is simple and easy on all compatible devices. Although the Windows and Mac apps are almost similar regarding features. But the downloading and installation method is different. Windows users need first to download the Avast Antivirus Suite, while Mac users don't have to maneuver in such a tedious task. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions for setting up Avast Passwords on different supported devices. 

On Windows PC

Windows users using Avast's antivirus on their PC don't have to activate or download anything. They have to follow the steps below to start using the password manager:

  1. Open the Avast Antivirus app > Go to the menu > Settings. 
  2. Click on Privacy and then on the Password Manager option.
  3. Check out the box that says Show Avast Passwords.
  4. Click on General > Troubleshooting. 
  5. Click on Add or Modify components.
  6. Tick the box next to Password (old) and tap on Change. 
  7. Click on Yes to confirm the Change. 
  8. Tap on Done and close the red cross window that appears.

The Avast Passwords have been installed on your Windows device. Start using it and secure passwords and other sensitive data. 

On Mac

Mac users need to download a separate client for Avast Passwords. The installation process is easy and includes the following steps:

  1. Click on this link to download the Avast Passwords setup file. By default, all the downloaded files are saved in the Downloads folder. 
  2. Now, double-click on the downloaded setup file. 
  3. Click on the Continue button and then on Install. 
  4. Enter the Mac device password and tap on the Install software option. 
  5. Wait for a few minutes until Avast Passwords installs on Mac. 
  6. When the installation finishes, Click on Close.
  7. A pop-up window asks to move the Avast Passwords Installer to the trash. Click on the Move to Trash option. 

Users of the free version can start using the password manager instantly. But the paid users need to activate the code. 

On Android

The Avast Passwords app is no longer available on the Google PlayStore. To reinstall the app, Android users can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on Android.
  2. Tap on your profile image and select Manage apps and devices. 
  3. Click on the Manage Tab.
  4. Click on the Installed option and tap Uninstalled in the drop-down menu. 
  5. Click on the Avast Passwords option to open the main product page in Google Play Store. 
  6. Tap on Install to download and install the password manager. 

For a smooth downloading process, ensure that the Android version is 5.0 or higher and has a proper internet connection.

On iPhone/iPad

Like Android, the Avast Password Manager app is unavailable on the Apple Store. Users can reinstall the password manager by following these instructions:

  1. Open the Apple App Store. 
  2. Click on your profile picture. 
  3. Tap on the option that says ‘Purchased.'
  4. Click on the cloud icon next to the Avast Passwords. 

That's it. By utilizing these steps, you can continue using the Avast Passwords on iPhone or iPad. 

Security of Avast Password Manager

Avast Passwords offers enough security features that make it relatively secure. It uses the best-in-class AES-256-bit encryption, which is the strongest and uncrackable. All the credentials and documents are encrypted locally on the device. Also, it applies the same top-notch level of encryption to passwords synced between the device and cloud storage. 

It uses an online encrypted vault for storing the passwords and updates it automatically for sync purposes. In addition, the master password protects all the data and adds an extra layer of authentication. This main Password isn't stored locally or on any server, meaning no one can know your password.

Windows users don't like one thing about Avast Password's security: the vault. Users can't lock the vault more than twice a day. The browsing session needs to end first to seal the vault. It is an alarming and prominent drawback that needs to be fixed. 

Nevertheless, Avast Passwords uses the industry's highest encryption standard, which is the hardest to crack. It keeps all the data secure It keeps all the data secure. But Avast needs to add a few more security-enhancing features like 2FA and fix the vault issue. 

Ease Of Use And Interface 

Like most password managers, Avast Passwords is simple to use, making it the best choice for starters. Installing and downloading is a mandatory step for all users. But it's quite frustrating as the download can take several minutes. Windows users must wait for more as it is mandatory for them to download the Avast Antivirus first. After the tedious downloading process, users have to create an Avast user account, as it helps to sync the vaults of all connected devices.

A clean, organized, intuitive interface appears when users log in to their Avast Account. The password manager uses a dark color theme which suits it well. All the options are visible, and no need to look around. It also offers a search bar that allows users to search for things easily. Users can customize the vault according to their preferences. There are colorful icons that offer better orientation within the software. Users can choose one color for each credential to avoid confusion later. 

 Windows users can scan the device for potential vulnerabilities before proceeding to the password manager. But this is optional that's not available to the other device users. 

When the software is easy to set up, users have to create a master password. Avast evaluates the strength of the master password helping users create a strong password. Once the password is created, start adding the passwords manually or import them via the browser extensions. You can add passwords, login details, credit card details, and notes. But, like Kaspersky, it won't allow adding documents and images. 

Compatible Apps and Extensions

Avast Passwords offers multiple device compatibility. Users can download and install the password manager on all major devices and operating systems. The software works across the following devices:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Mac 
  • Windows

The password manager offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. While having a separate browser extension feature is indeed applaudable, these browser extensions are not too good to use. They only do the work of auto-filling, saving and generating passwords, and opening and closing the vault. Since Avast is still providing the password manager to old users and is renewing subscriptions, it is best that it expands the browser extension functionality. It might add more value and convenience to the users' experience.

Features Overview

The best way to judge if a password manager is reliable is often by looking into its features. When choosing the right password manager, it's essential to focus on features. Here's the breakdown of the features that Avast Passwords has:

One-Time Touch

One Touch Login is an amazing Avast Password feature. It enables users to pair the Android or iOS device with Avast Passwords installed on their Windows device. In other words, it allows users to unlock the Avast Passwords on a PC by clicking on the notifications on the paired mobile device. By doing so, users don't have to enter the passwords manually. But unfortunately, this feature is available only to premium users

Password Guardian

The Password Guardian is a premium Avast Passwords feature that strengthens password security. This feature warns the users if they're using compromised or weak credentials so they can change it promptly. Also, it tells if the user passwords are duplicated or leaked anywhere online.

Random Password Generator

Avast Passwords also offers a random password generator feature for all online accounts. It enables users to generate long, robust, complex passwords of their own choice. The users can customize the password length and the characters used. After generating the password, copy and save it at a secure place that's not accessible by anyone else.  

Basic Password Validation

Avast Passwords lacks the security audit report option, unlike other best password managers.

But in contrast, it does validate the users' passwords. When users save a password, it gives basic color indicators to show the strength level. For instance, the green color means the password is strong, while orange means moderate and red means a weak password.  

Apart from this, Avast Passwords don't offer security audit reports, secure syncing, and a two-factor authentication feature. Due to the lack of a 2FA feature, users won't prevent their accounts from unauthorized access. Also, it's impossible to spot a password breach as most other password managers do. Premium users can take advantage of the password guardian feature, but the situation remains alarming for free users. 

Avast Passwords Customer Support

Regarding customer support, Avast Passwords goes beyond its competitors. It offers various ways for users to get directly in touch with a customer support representative and resolve issues. The website contains extensive knowledgeable resources, including FAQs, setup guides, and blog posts that cover various topics and help out puzzled users. The users can browse through the Avast support page to fix their issues. 

Besides this, Avast provides live support for all users. It offers phone, live chat, email, and Avast account support. Here's a look at how users can contact the support team. 

Avast Passwords Customer Support

Users can also join the live community forum. They can post their queries here, and the advanced users and security experts are always happy to answer them. All in all, Avast Passwords offers effective customer support services to users. The website includes excellent resources, so if users only consider them, they won't feel the need to contact the support team.

Avast Passwords Pricing Plan

Avast Passwords is available in free and premium plans. Users can enjoy using a free password manager on all popular platforms. The free version offers a backup account, multi-device sync, and support for browser password imports. Also, Windows users often get a free Avast Antivirus software package and can get rid of malware and other threats. But there aren't any more features to benefit from, and that's pretty disappointing

The password manager offers a single-paid plan for their users. It provides all the features available in the free plan with two more features. Anyone using the premium version can access the One-touch login and Password Guardian feature. 

The Avast Passwords premium plan costs $19.99/ year, meaning $1.66 per month. But you can further reduce this price to $1.53 by choosing a three-year subscription plan. Payments are accepted through PayPal only, and there isn't any money-back guarantee offer. But if you opt for an extended subscription plan, there’s a chance to avail yourself of the 30-day money-back guarantee offer.

Final Thoughts

Avast Passwords won't be the best option for many users because they no longer sell their services. Existing users can continue using the password manager on Android, Apple, and Android devices. It uses standard encryption and a zero-knowledge policy to secure the data. Also, the random password generator feature enables users to generate unique and complex passwords. 

However, Avast must start its service again and introduce more features to compete with its competitors and attract more users.

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Does Avast offer a password manager?

Avast is a leading computer security company famous for its antivirus software. Besides antivirus software, it also offers a password manager, which is available in a free and paid plan. But, Avast has stopped the sale of a new password manager subscription. Users can still use the free or paid version if it's already installed on their device. Also, they can renew the existing subscription plan, but any new user who wants to use it can't.

How safe is Avast's password manager?

Avast Passwords is a relatively safe and reliable password manager. It uses the industry's standard AES- 256-bit encryption to safeguard the data from hackers. Besides this, it uses a zero-knowledge storage policy that guarantees that the entries and passwords are not shared with the company and are solely private to the users. But the password manager lacks in offering various advanced features. It lacks 2FA, secure account-sharing, and other security-centric features.

Does the Avast password manager offer a refund policy?

Unlike most other password managers, Avast doesn't come with a free trial or a refund policy. But any user who has subscribed to a three-year subscription plan can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee offer.

Is Avast random password generator safe?

Avast's Random Password Generator feature enables users to create secure and strong passwords for their accounts. The characters are randomly chosen and consist of various symbols, letters, and numbers. They won't transmit over the web and provide secure passwords during password generation. 

Do you recommend Avast password manager to others?

Avast password manager is a good option to use. But it doesn't offer anything extraordinary that other password managers do; hence people might not recommend it to others. In addition, the password manager has stopped its sales, so any new users can't use it. Therefore, it’s better to use Keeper, LastPass, or Dashlane password manager instead. 

What features are included in the paid version of Avast's password manager?

The free version of Avast Passwords restricts access to advanced features that might impact your security. To get unlimited access to Avast's password manager, switch to a premium plan. The paid plan includes one-touch login and password guardian features. The one-touch login increases convenience. It allows users to use their mobile devices to access the password managers installed on the Windows PC. At the same time, the password guardian is a security-boosting feature that notifies about weak or compromised passwords.

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