How Secure Is Avast Password Manager – Review 2023

Rebecca James Last updated: August 3, 2023 Reading time: 16 minutes
Avast Password Manager

Quick Review

2.4 (34)

Avast has long since been recognized for its antivirus. However, it also offers a password manager that users can use in the free and premium versions. The password manager provides good usability, is easy to use, and has a basic password validation feature. But, it lacks in other areas and fails to provide a service matching its competitors. Here’s a comparison of both its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Free version available
  • Random password generator
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Fast autofill
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free Antivirus Suite in Windows
  • Stopped its service
  • Lacks 2FA and audit report feature
  • Limited browser extension features
  • The download process is slow
  • No Linux client support
  • No password-sharing option

Avast markets its password manager under the name “Avast Passwords.” The password manager offers a secure and reliable option for protecting credentials and storing sensitive information within an encrypted vault. Additionally, it provides relatively decent security features such as:

Random Password GeneratorIt allows users to randomly create long, strong, unique, and hack-proof passwords for their accounts. 
One-Touch LoginIt enables mobile users to access the password manager installed on Windows. 
Password GuardianIt warns the users of any weak, compromised, or leaked passwords. 
Automatic AutofillIt stores users’ login credentials and other information and auto-fills the web forms and access accounts. 
Zero-Knowledge ModelIt guarantees that all the users’ data remains private and is not accessed by anyone else. 
Censoring Details It censors users’ sensitive data like credit card numbers and CVC/CVV.
Credential EditingUsers can edit their credentials at entry or while importing from a browser or another password manager. 
Export Data It easily exports data to the accounts that users want to sign in to. 
Import Browser DataUsers can import all their browsing data with a single click and avoid the hassle of manually saving it. 
Basic Password ValidationThe password manager doesn’t provide a detailed password report but gives basic color indicators within the form capture feature when a website is added. 

While Avast has now discontinued its sale of new password manager subscriptions, it still offers subscription renewals and customer support to those who have it. However, the password manager is known to have a few significant drawbacks. For instance, it lacks a 2FA, fine-grained sharing, password leak checker, and audit report feature. But since its use is still somewhat widespread, it is best to dive deep into its review to determine whether it’s secure and worth maintaining the subscription.

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