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How Safe is Norton Password Manager? Full Review (2023 Edition)

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Norton Password Manager

Quick Review


Norton password manager is a free-to-use password manager that offers basic password management features. It uses AES-256-bit encryption and a zero-knowledge policy that ensures passwords are securely stored. Also, it provides some pretty useful features like a password generator, autofilling, and basic 2FA login. However, Norton doesn't offer additional features that may impress the users. Therefore, many people consider it an average online security tool. To know what Norton password managers offer to the users, let’s overview its strengths and weaknesses. 

Free to use
Biometric login for mobile users
Unlimited password storage
Safety dashboard
Password generator
Browser Extensions
Strong encryption
Zero-knowledge architecture
No secure password sharing
Basic 2FA 
Lacks advanced features
No standalone desktop app

Norton password manager is a reliable password manager that comes with the Norton 360 Internet Security Plan. You can also use it for free on Android and iOS apps. It doesn't offer desktop apps, but you can use them on desktop devices via browser extensions. 

The password manager uses the secure AES-256-bit encryption and a zero-knowledge policy that ensures the highest level of data security. While it doesn't offer any advanced or fancy features, it still covers the basic password manager qualities and protects your passwords. It includes some fantastic core features necessary in a password manager; here's an overview of these features:

Features Description
Password GeneratorIt allows users to generate unique and strong passwords for their accounts. 
Password VaultThe encrypted vault enables users to store login credentials, addresses, accounts, notes, and credit card info. 
Secure Safe BrowserIt protects users from online threats and suspicious sites.
AutofillIt enables users to save their usernames and passwords and fills out the online forms and website credentials automatically when they visit them next time. 
Safety DashboardIt provides insights about any weak, old, duplicated, and archived passwords. 
Biometric LoginMobile users, instead of entering the master password, can authenticate their identity via fingerprint/face scanning. 
Account RecoveryMobile device users can reset and recover lost or forgotten passwords. 
Browser ExtensionsIt offers simple and easy-to-use browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari 
Import and Export PasswordsIt allows to export or import of passwords and other sensitive information with a single click. 

It is a great free tool for anyone not looking to invest in a paid password manager. However, it's always hard to trust a free product's credibility. A Reddit user shares their bad experience of how their passwords were emailed when they tried to reset their passwords. While others complain about poor website and app functionality. Thus, let's dive into this detailed Norton password manager review and explore how reliable it is for use. 

Managing Norton Password Manager Settings

Norton's password manager works as a standalone client on Android and iOS devices. Like other password managers, Norton's setup process is simple and quick. So, here are the steps to download it on Android and iOS devices: 

  1. Visit the app store, search for Norton's app and click on the Install button. 
  2. The downloading and installing process might take a few minutes. 
  3. Open the app and click on the launch tap when the installation finishes. 
  4. Click on the ‘create a new account option. 
  5. Check your email address; you'll receive a verification code, enter it, and proceed. 
  6. Create a master password for your vault. It is the main password, so it must be strong and stored in a safe place after creating it. 
  7. You can now access your main vault. 

The app will ask you to enable the autofill and autosave options. Also, it will allow you to download the browser extension on your browser. You can skip it and later add it while using your Norton account

Norton Password Manager Security 

Norton password manager is a free password manager that secures all sensitive data in an encrypted vault. Like most other password managers, Norton also utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard user data stored in the vault. Since it is the industry's highest encryption standard, which is so far virtually unbreakable and used by government officials and banks,it guarantees robust data privacy and security. 

In addition, Norton also deploys a zero-knowledge policy that ensures that every bit of users' data is dealt with the utmost confidentiality. The Norton servers don't store users' data; only users can access their main vault and the stored data.  

However, the password manager fails to prove their security and privacy claims with a security audit report. It has now become the industry's requirement, and it would be best if Norton provides one. 

As a whole, Norton offers primary encryption and security standards that people look for in a free password manager. Therefore, in light of that, Norton Password Manager’s security is relatively good. 

Interface and Ease of Use

After creating a master password, you can access the main vault of Norton's password manager. Mobile users can also access their main vault via the biometric login feature. This is exceptional as it relieves users from having to enter the master password whenever they want to access the vault. 

 The vault is super-friendly and easy to use. It automatically syncs the passwords across your devices when you sign into the vault making it easy to access the information from any device.

Browse through the options on the left and add items in the specific category. The password manager allows users to store wallets, notes, passwords, addresses, cards, and accounts.

Norton Password Manager

Below the items list, you can find the password generator and secure web browser options. These are the only prominent security-focused features that Norton password manager offers. But, it doesn't offer any customized data entry fields that other password managers offer, so this is disappointing. 

Users can also add their logins and other information by clicking on the yellow ”+” sign. The mobile app manually asks to add passwords into the vault; it is very time-consuming and frustrating than importing them.

Norton Password Manager Settings
Norton Password Manager Login

Norton password manager offers limited setting options, which makes it less than other free products available in the market. You’ll find the autofill and autosave login options by navigating the Settings menu. In addition, users can enable the auto-lock feature to increase the security of their accounts and reset the vault password. 

Norton Password Manager Settings
Norton Password Manager Security

Surprisingly, there aren't any theme or dashboard customization options or toolbar that attract users. 

The desktop version of Norton password manager offers a well-organized minimalistic interface with separate categories for each item to store. 

Norton Password Manager Interface

There’s a password generator, safety dashboard, sync vault, and export and import vault options. 

Norton Password Manager

Importing items to Norton's vault is frustrating because it offers limited options. You can't import .CSV or PDF files. It also limits importing passwords from only four other password managers and two browsers, i.eChrome and Firefox. 

Norton Password Import

The users easily understand Norton’s interface, making it the best choice for fulfilling basic password management needs.

Compatible Devices and Browser Extensions

Norton offers modern and easy-to-use apps for Android and iOS platforms. These apps are available on Google and Apple App store, and you can download them on your devices within a few minutes. 

Both apps have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It's easy to switch between the tabs and access any option, which ensures a fantastic user experience. The app has a password generator option to create and store unlimited passwords. Apart from this, it allows users to use auto-filling, multi-device sync, and secure web browser features. All this makes Norton a streamlined password manager for Android and iOS devices. 

Moreover, Norton offers browser extensions that are compatible with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

You can directly add it to your browser by logging into the Norton account or adding it while setting up the account. You receive a notification when you try to access the password manager on your desktop. However, it asks you to enter your master password before allowing access to the main vault. 

 The main page of the vault, while using the password manager via browser extension there are separate categories to store items like notes, addresses, and wallets. You can also add items to your favorite list. There's a safety dashboard feature that evaluates the passwords. 

By using Norton's browser extensions, you can store your credentials in an encrypted vault that only you can access. Also, you can create passwords, sync between the devices, and import or export passwords safely.  

Features Overview

Norton password manager offers quite limited features, but they are enough to provide the basic security that people demand in a free password manager. Here's a brief overview of the features offered by Norton password manager:

Safety Dashboard

The Safety Dashboard is an impressive Norton password manager feature that you can use via the browser extension. It shows the health of the logins and passwords stored within the vault.

This feature also determines the strength of the passwords and categorizes them as weak, old, archived, and duplicated. It enables users to improve their password score by opting for the auto change feature that automatically changes the passwords and stores them in the vault. In this way, it helps in reducing password security issues. 

Password Generator

A password generator is the most fundamental feature of any password manager. Norton allows users to create unlimited passwords for their accounts like every other password manager. 

Users can create weak to strong passwords and customize them by deciding their length, letters, numbers, and characters used. By sliding to the password length, they can create a  short password of four symbols or as long as 64. If unsatisfied, you can regenerate the password and later copy it or save it in the vault.

Account Recovery

Norton's account recovery feature is also an incredible feature that other password managers often lack. Users can reset the password manager account only on their mobile devices. 

To reset your account, you need to follow the steps below on the Android and iOS apps:

  1. Log into your account using the chosen biometric method.
  2. Go to the Menu options
  3. Click on the Settings option 
  4. Tap on the Reset Password option. 

It will ask for your chosen biometric authentication method. Follow the pop-up steps on your screen and click the Save button. 

Desktop users can't reset their accounts because of the biometric login options. This is another setback that might disappoint Norton password manager users. 

Norton password manager doesn't offer additional features such as the 2FA, emergency access, or dark web scanner. To remain in the race for the best free password managers list, Norton must introduce more features and expand its functionality. 

Norton Password Manager Customer Support

Norton provides excellent customer support service to all its users. There are multiple options through which Norton assists its customers, including

  • Live chat option
  • Community forum
  • Support Center
  • Online website resources
  • Phone support

The 24/7 live chat feature allows users to speak directly to the support team and resolve their issues regardless of the time. Anyone who wants to contact the representative of the support team directly and wants an instant reply can use the live chat option. Norton's live chat team wasn't very professional as they failed to give a direct answer to the users' queries. Have a look: 

Norton chat with us
Norton Password Manager Chat With Us

The support team gives automated replies, which is not appreciated by many users. Also, sometimes it isn't enough to address the issue. 

You can also use the phone support option to get expert help from the Norton agent. It's open 24 hours throughout the week, which is amazing and rare to find. A separate support section includes options like join the community, contact support, or My Norton account. 

Norton Password Manager Account

The Norton community has separate pages for all its products and services. Browse through the options and select the one you want to join. The password manager community is quite helpful. If you encounter any issue regarding downloading, installing, or using any feature, you can post it here and wait for the experts to address it. 

Norton Password Manager

To use the contact support and Norton account help option, one must have a Norton account. You'll see website and community articles as the proposed solutions if not. 

Norton Password Manager Contact

The Norton password manager mobile apps also have a Help center. But it's quite limited and allows users to report an issue or redirect to the website resources.  

Norton Password Manager Help

Norton's website resources are also of great help. There are blogs, setup guides, video tutorials, FAQs, and featured articles on the website that help users enhance their knowledge. Overall, Norton offers decent yet helpful customer support service with room for improvement in the live chat feature. 

Norton Password Manager Pricing Plan

Norton password manager comes as a free product with the Norton 360 Internet Security Plan. If you're willing to use a password manager along with the security suit then you can choose a pricing plan according to your preferences:

Norton Password Manager Compare Plans

The password manager is free to use in all the plans. But if you don't want to invest in the security suite plan, you can download the Android or iOS app and use the free password manager. 
In addition, Norton offers browser extensions for all mainstream browsers. Get the browser extension and use the free password manager on Mac and Windows devices.

Is Norton's password manager reliable to use?

Norton password manager is a reliable and secure password manager to use. It provides basic password management functionalities that are enough to protect your passwords and other data. Some of the features that Norton offers, including the basic 2FA login, password generator, and safety dashboard, work well. Also, it provides apps for Android and iOS devices and easy-to-use browser extensions for all popular browsers. 

However, it lacks several advanced features that make it less worthy. For instance, Norton lacks 2FA, a dark web scanner, a password health checker, and emergency access features. Some password managers like Keeper offer these features in the free trial period. But still, as Norton provides basic protection, you can consider using it. 

Is Norton password manager free to use?

Norton password manager comes free with the Norton 360 Internet Security Plan. This package includes various other useful products like antivirus and malware protection, secure VPN, smart VPN, and cloud backup solutions. But you can also use it for free on Android and iOS devices. Besides this, you can also use Norton password manager on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers. Download the Norton password manager app from the app store, create an account, and start securing your logins and other sensitive data.

Does Norton have a Windows app?

Unfortunately, Norton doesn't offer desktop apps for Windows PCs. But this doesn't mean you can't use it on Windows. The password manager offers browser extensions, so you can add it to the browser and use it on Windows devices. 

Is Norton's password manager right for your business?

Norton password manager is a secure password manager that offers some extra useful features. But its free nature and limited features don't make it the best choice for businesses. It is a basic tool that only one user can use at a time. Also, it doesn't offer a premium plan and lacks advanced business-centric features. Business organizations can consider using other password managers like NordPass, Keeper, or Dashlane password manager to protect employees and the company's data. 

Is Norton Password Manager safe?

Norton password manager uses AES-256 bit encryption which is the strongest and uncrackable, ensuring that all the data is well secured. Plus, it also deploys zero-knowledge architecture that guarantees that Norton's servers do not store any user data and only they can access it. Besides this, Norton offers essential password management features that further ensure password security. These features include a safety dashboard, an encrypted password vault, and biometric logins. Thus Norton is a good match if you want a free password manager. 

Does Norton Password Manager sync across devices?

Most free password managers don't allow users to sync passwords across their devices. But Norton password manager synchronizes the passwords across the devices when you sign in to the Norton account. This is applaudable as users don't have to remember more passwords for a single account, enhancing user experience. 

Does Norton Password Manager work on Mac, Android, or iOS?

Norton password manager provides dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices. While it doesn't offer a desktop app, installing the browser extensions makes it possible to use Norton on Mac and Windows OS. 

Final Thoughts

Norton password manager is a great option if you're looking for a free password manager. It uses robust encryption and zero-knowledge protocol that guarantees the protection of your passwords and other information stored in the vault. Though it doesn't provide wide and extra features, it still comes with the ones that are enough to offer a basic security level. 

Norton has a good reputation and name in the industry. It needs to expand its functionality and features so more people and business organizations can use the password manager software.

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