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Since 2011, Beencrypted has been an honorable and authentic source of insight into the world of information security. Its editorial content consists of reviews, opinion pieces, and in-depth news analyses from industry experts. 

Beencrypted is also a key learning source for industry professionals. Its free educational material can be found in the form of encryption guides that are carefully created to enlighten its readers. All the editorial works present over be encrypted are insightful and well-researched, available due to the dedication of its resilient editorial team. 

Iam Waqas Avatar
Iam Waqas
Chief Editor & Journalist
Rebecca James Avatar
Rebecca James
Content Researcher & Producer
Shigraf Ajaz Avatar
Shigraf Aijaz
Editor & Writer
Farwa Sajjad Avatar
Farwa Sajjad
Content Producer
Zehra Ali Avatar
Zehra Ali
Content Producer
Rutaba Rais Avatar
Rutaba Aziz
Content Producer
Samin Fatima Avatar
News Reporter
Content Producer