Ethics and Editorial Policy strives to ensure that customers and visitors have access to only high-quality content related to cyber security, VPNs, torrents, geo-blocking, and internet freedom. As a result, only seasoned authors with informative and brilliant viewpoints on cyber security news and other relevant topics can publish content on the website. We do not accept any type of guest posts, all our content is in-house.

Our goal is to retain customers’ trust and build visitors’ confidence in our content, so we enforce professional journalism ethics.

Below are a few critical points of the content on our website:

Attribution and Credit

We encourage our authors to thoroughly research every article they publish on our website. This research may entail getting reports, quotes, or images to ensure readers have access to detailed cybersecurity content. In doing this, authors must attribute any external resources to the original owner.

Attributing and crediting are essential ethical principles that we adhere to and enforce. We understand that the original creators of these works may have asserted a level of mental labor or otherwise and, as such, should get credit for that when due.

Accurate Sourcing

We understand that sourcing plays a vital role in the content of articles that authors publish on the website, so we only use reliable sources to develop our content. Our primary source is verifiable facts from established experts in the cybersecurity space. Emphasizing the previous attribution policy, we link the source at the end of every published content.

Rigorous Fact-checking

To build and retain our brand as a primary source of cybersecurity news and information, we ensure that we publish objective and accurate articles. The editorial team undergoes a series of editing and scrutinizing to ensure that the entire content in a published work is accurate, comes from a verifiable source, and is without bias.

Clarification and Error Corrections

Although we take the required steps to ensure our articles are error-free, we understand that mistakes happen. For this reason, we ensure that our services are flexible and reliable. 

To achieve our objective of becoming a reliable source of cybersecurity information, notes areas of concern and attends to them as soon as possible. Issues that we typically address almost immediately include, but are not limited to:

Reviews and Transparency

Apart from publishing articles, authors can also release reviews of digital security-related products, which stem from their experience and objectivity. You can find these articles in any section you find “review.”

While we remain committed to providing cybersecurity and encryption guides, VPN and password manager reviews, and privacy articles, we ensure organization and transparency. For example, has divided its content into sections allowing for a quick and seamless scan.

Finally, does not partner with fraudulent and deceptive people or entities. We avoid projects attracting investors with deceptive words, fake promises, or having suspicious or questionable links.

Author Profile

We credit the person who publishes the work at the end of every content. This credit includes a professional summary and a headshot. It also includes the author’s contact information and links to social media accounts.