Mandatory data Retention Around The World

Last updated: August 8, 2023 Reading time: 6 minutes
Mandatory Data Retention Around The World

The data retention laws creating havoc worldwide are now being imposed in many countries in different forms. These laws force ISPs to collect and store all the users’ data regarding their online activities.

Violating fundamental human rights, these laws are usually formulated on the basis that allows investigators to receive these records. However, such data retention laws give extended surveillance opportunities to governments.

The data retention laws implemented in countries with strict online privacy rules have overruled the essential requirements for securing personal information. Laws that compel individuals’ privacy usually order organizations not to retain the user’s specific data, such as billing information, for an extended period and should delete the data after a particular time.

What is Mandatory Data Retention

Internet providers give their users a specific I.P. address through which they identify a user. After a particular time, an ISP changes the I.P. of the user. But with the data retention law, an ISP is compelled to retain the information regarding the user’s online activity to a specific time by tracking that I.P. address.