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Do you know how dangerous can it be when there is no antivirus software installed in your system?

Yes, for sure your PCs and android phones are at great risk if you don’t have any spyware installed. In order to protect your systems from unwanted viruses, technological experts have come up with some solutions in the form of antiviruses. Antivirus software is like police on the gate of your computer system that does not also any threats to come inside your system. They warn you of possible threats and delete the malware as soon as possible.

Why installing an antivirus is necessary

The real work of an antivirus is to detect any threats of viruses in the system, find them, destroy them and remove them from the system.

We cannot say that anti-virus is the ideal solution to all the threats of malware in your system but it can be said that it protects the system in the best way. Not only installing the anti-virus software important but updating it from time to time with the latest measures is important.

However, online privacy software is no longer about only countering viruses. Though it is a major function of anti-virus, securing personal data has become the first priority of people.

How to choose an antivirus? Is paid antivirus better as compared to free?

The modern world is becoming more and more technologically advance and so is the malware evolving rapidly. To tackle this situation, technological experts are working to provide the best antivirus solution to the users.

We recommend using a paid antivirus rather than a free one because paid antivirus provides better technical sustainability and more precise security features. While free antivirus software can provide paid packages, a run for their money.

Best antivirus software for your device

The security of PC a lot more than just installing antivirus. You need to update your antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall. It is known that some free antivirus software are better than the rest. They provide a blacklist of the known threats and a whitelist of the legal ones. The trouble is that these days new threats appear every day and discriminating against a friend from a foe has become difficult.

Our work begins from here. We have sought out for you a list that will review the free antivirus software along with the paid ones. Both the new and old, known and unknown as well.

1. Avira

Avira is the best free antivirus software that gives very strong protection against common and zero-day viruses. The interface of the option-packed can seem daunting in the beginning and slower computers might see problems in the performance of the computer during the scans. Nevertheless, Avira is the perfect free antivirus software that is efficient, has a high degree of customization and large range of free add-on features that includes a VPN client and a web browser that is privacy-minded.

2. Bitdefender security:

Bitdefender’s Android security app offers perfect protection from viruses, negligible performance impact and privacy protection features while also adding Android Wear watches into the app’s anti-theft characteristics. This anti-virus software is not free, but it is well worth the expenditure.

It has the most up-to-date features that protect your device from new threats, such as ransomware. It has a good technical reputation. It has useful features that are not in a fussy style.

3. Panda

Panda is free antivirus software that doesn’t seem to offer much but this isn’t the case. It is the ideal solution for people who can handle their online privacy well.

Why use it?

Panda is easy and fun to use, it has a rare impact on the computer system performance and its configuration options are adequate to convince the users. It scans your computer system on demand as well as on a regular basis. It provides extensive protection for USB drives.

While its negative points include slow scanning, fee extra features, too much ads pop-ups and also it tries to hijack your web browser settings.

4. AVG

AVG, from the last year has enhanced its virus detection rate to compete with the leading antivirus software industries. AVG free antivirus software offers a wide range of configuring options and some extra features, and it does not slow your PC too much.

What is wrong with this free antivirus software?

It turns down its users by continuously pushing them to upgrade it to paid AVG software.

5. Avast

Avast is fine free antivirus software that has a good interface, has an unnoticeable impact on the computer system, satisfactory configuration options and some useful extra features that include a password manager and network scanner. It is best for users who already use other Avast products, such as Avast free mobile security for android.

6. Windows Microsoft defender

Windows Microsoft defender’s malware detection is getting better but still its use is not satisfactory. It does not offer any free extra features; it greatly impacts your computer systems during scans and does not protect your computer from online malware if it is a non-Microsoft browser.

7. Malwarebytes Anti-malware

This is not free antivirus software. It cannot protect your PC from viruses but it has tremendous performance in wiping out the malware that already exists in your system, also it won’t interfere with the antivirus software that are already present in your computer system. Its best feature is the chameleon one that covers Malwarebytes, so nasty programs become hard to find out. It is not complete antivirus software, but you can keep it as a complementary program for your free antivirus software.

8. Sophos

Are you a parent? Want to hide useless content from flowing into the minds of your children?

Then, Sophos antivirus is best for parental purposes who want to hide worthless content from young children. This free antivirus allows you to have remote scans, checks and block the sites. It also has a feature that keeps logs of the banned pages when someone tries to reach them. Sophos antivirus has a modest interface and little impact on the system’s performance.

9. Kaspersky

Want complete internet security?

Kaspersky is the answer to it. This antivirus software has awesome extra security features with parental controls and options to lock down the webcam. You can also stop websites from stopping them to track your browsing activities. It has minimal impact on the performance of the system.

10. Norton mobile security

Unlike last year, Norton’s mobile security did not keep its best features for the paid version. This year they have introduced features such as call/text blocking and contacts backup for their free antivirus software also. Norton’s best-paid feature is App Advisor, which not only inspects installed software but also the Google play store for security and privacy risks. New features also include an app lock and password manager. Both are free and separate apps.


Having antivirus software is necessary to keep your PC or device away from malware. We recommend you some of the top best antivirus software, most of them are free and some are paid. The paid ones are worth spending. So don’t think anymore choose the best free antivirus software for your device by analyzing carefully the article in which all are explained with their features.

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