Android Ransomware, SLocker’s Source Code Revealed Online

Zehra Ali Last updated: August 9, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes
Android Ransomware, SLocker’s Source Code Revealed Online

Android ransomware, SLocker’s source code, is revealed by a security researcher who has published it online and urged help to develop it further.

The researcher has said that he has attained the source code by reversing a ransomware sample for which he has used the pseudonym fs0c1ety. He has released the code on GitHub, mentioning that it’s not the original code and is for research only.

SLocker was the first Android ransomware that was spotted in 2015. Trend Micro analyzed the SLocker family earlier this month. They have said, “SLocker family is one of the oldest mobile lock screen and file-encrypting ransomware and used to impersonate law enforcement agencies convince victims to pay their ransom.”

However, they have also pointed out the identification of new ransomware in June.

This ransomware makes the device inaccessible and encrypts all the files by operating in the background. Trend Micro explains that the ransomware falsely presents itself as a game guide, video player, or similar app, making users more likely to download it.