20 Best Penetration Testing Tools For Security Professionals

Farwa Sajjad Last updated: September 18, 2023 Reading time: 21 minutes
20 Best Penetration Testing Tools

Cyber attacks are growing in severity and frequency, and businesses of all sizes are at risk. Statistics reveal global cybercrime damage will likely hit $10.5 trillion by 2025. Identifying, assessing, and remediating these risks is a significant aspect of optimizing cybersecurity, and it can be done by penetration testing.

A penetration test or ethical hacking is an effective cybersecurity technique organizations use to detect, test, and highlight the vulnerabilities within their security posture. Ethical hackers carry out cyberattacks against a system to uncover exploitable security vulnerabilities. Security professionals use penetration testing techniques with specialized tools to discover problems before attackers exploit them.

Penetration testing tools help ethical hackers evaluate the organization’s security infrastructure and defend against unknown or zero-day threats. Due to the high number of penetration testing tools available, it has become difficult for security professionals to pick up the best testing tool. This article provides a detailed insight into the 20 best penetration testing tools businesses can deploy within their network.

Why should businesses perform Penetration testing?