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CYBER DEFENSE, Various Cyber Defense Products

Cyber attacks have become a key weapon in the arsenal of nation-backed aggressors, terrorist organizations, and organized crime networks, presenting new challenges to guardians of vital national assets.

Recognizing that a nation’s stability can be compromised by stealth infiltration to classified systems, social networking campaigns, and direct or indirect cyber attacks on critical platforms, STDi offers governments and national security and defense organizations a range of new tools and strategic capabilities to protect against these ever-evolving threats.

STDi National Cyber Defense solutions enable real-time monitoring and response to macro and micro events that affect a nation’s cyber security and stability. By protecting cyber assets throughout the information life-cycle – from data generation and networking integration to end-point user extraction – our solutions prevent unauthorized access to or malicious attacks on national backbone facilities.

Defence intelligence

Defense intelligence

Daily, the intelligence community is involved in a wide range of operations, many of which revolve around protecting a nation’s interests at home and overseas. These operations require complex intelligence analysis capabilities to quickly identify and assess the levels of threats posed in real-time.

Our solutions create an extensive footprint that national security organizations use at all levels of the intelligence community. These solutions maximize the value of the mass amount of data collected, facilitating the discovery and dissemination of actionable intelligence that will help the community work collaboratively to identify, predict and prevent hostile threats.

Our solutions provide a unique depth of national security and defense knowledge customized to fit your needs, including flexible procurement and licensing options. Our solutions are developed in close consultation with the intelligence community and are designed to be scalable and easy to deploy.

Tactical intelligence

Tactical intelligence

Easy access to multiple data sources in real-time has become vital to many roles within the extensive network of government organizations and external agencies.

The vast number of data sources available to this community is increasing within these organizations. However, the information is often disparate and of variable quality.

Accessing and searching these data sources can be time-consuming, and the propensity for data inconsistency makes it challenging to create a search that will return the required information. In addition, the ability to share and present information between government agencies is paramount.

Perimeter interception massive monitoring

Solutions to overcome cybercrime

It is a voice-centric end-to-end turnkey approach to enhanced information gathering, intelligent analytical and investigative processes. Though fixed and mobile probes, the intelligence monitoring centers utilizing the I3 platform can stealthy ¨sniff around through the various raw voice data sources to collect, decode and reconstruct raw data for analysis leading to the identification of targets.

Mass data collection can be obtained through cellular networks, mobile satellites, radio communication, and other sources such as wireline, wi-fi, microwave, VSAT, and active cell.

  • Communication Analysis
  • I3 Unique Solution and Capabilities
  • Project Process and Timeline
  • Alarm notification
  • Data and Voice Surveillance
  • Ability to give continuous updates on location

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