What is key escrow And Key Recovery?

Last updated: August 14, 2023 Reading time: 4 minutes
Key Escrow And Key Recovery

Do you know what the concept of escrow is? Well, allow me to give you a storyline view of it.

Kevin, Peter, and Sara are three friends who always stick together. Kevin and Peter decide to open up a hotel together. While three months into the business, Peter suddenly undergoes tumor surgery. Within a few days of this, Kevin also faces a car accident and has to be hospitalized.

Now the issue arises of who would be able to run the business. Sara, the most trusted friend of these two, has the hotel’s legal documents in escrow. Sara comes to the rescue and takes over the business while her two friends recover.

This method of keeping things in escrow is also used in the electronic world. This article gives you an insight into what key escrow is and how it differs from a recovery agent. In it, you will come across the following things:

  • What is key escrow?
  • Benefits and downsides of key escrow
  • What is the essential recovery?
  • What is a key recovery agent?