Expert's Tips To Fight Off Ransomware Email Attacks In 2023

Rutaba Rais Last updated: August 15, 2023 Reading time: 8 minutes
Expert's Tips To Fight Off Ransomware Email Attacks

Undoubtedly, ransomware attacks are increasing daily, and this trend will not likely decrease in the upcoming years. This year, the ransomware attacks increased by 13% more than last year.

The ransomware groups are becoming more sophisticated, using advanced tactics, resulting in more attacks. One popular method that attackers are using these days is phishing emails. A study finds that organizations saw a 78% rise in email-based ransomware attacks in 2021. It is the easiest way to trick someone, and employees become easy targets. Lack of awareness, poor email security practices, and no backup data create chaos within an organization, and they agree to fulfill the hackers’ terms to get their data back.

Ransomware attacks will no doubt continue for a long time to become the biggest threat in the digital world. But there’s always something you can do to reduce the threat vector. Here’s what an organization needs to know about the safety tips to prevent ransomware email attacks in the future. 

Can you get Ransomware through Emails?

Ransomware can significantly impact all businesses, regardless of their size. All personal, corporate, financial, employee, and customer data and intellectual property are taken hostage by ransomware. Now, hackers use phishing emails to spread ransomware on their devices. Proofpoint finds that phishing emails contain malicious attachments, and employees accidentally or intentionally click on them, bringing havoc to the entire organization.