Australia's New Encryption Law Give More Power to Authorities to Get Hold of Encrypted Communications

Last updated: July 5, 2023 Reading time: minutes

The Australian government has passed a new security law recently. Under this law, the authorities will have more power to interrupt and seize all encrypted communications.

The bill passed in Australia is named as ”Access and Assistance Bill”.  The bill allows intelligence agencies to have access to coded conversations. The authorities will now be able to open your smartphones in front of the owners.

The Australian government is of the view that these rules will protect you from all possible terror attacks. The Attorney General, Christian Porter along with other advocates of the law, supports the legislation. He said that it will surely protect the Australians and will also prevent terrorist activities, crime and children predator.

The encrypted apps include Signal, WhatsApp, and Wickr. The app’s encryption avoids the legal and higher authorities from reading the messages seized under warrant while looking into crimes.

Most of the leading technology groups like Apple, Facebook, and Google, various experts, and other Australian legislators have shown serious concern over this law.

In this technological era, such laws don’t help the users but put their privacy at risk. Under such laws, the privacy of local as well as high profile people is at risk.

Last week, hundreds of German representatives had become a victim of cyber-crimes. The attack also includes the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The hacker steals all of their personal details and later published it online.

The personal details dot published on Twitter too. The details include contacts, private chats, and financial information. All these details belong to all figures from every political party except for the far-right Alternative for German AFD.

Different celebrities and journalist also become a victim of this mass data attack.

It is still not clear and knows who’s actually behind this whole incident. However, the German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer in one of his statement has said that the concerned authorities are working hard to find the culprit.

The data leaks have initiated from a Twitter account while the account functions from Hamburg.

According to the national broadcaster RTE reports, since Twitter’s European headquarter is present in Dublin thus, the exposure of data comes under the Irish data protection authority. The authorities in North German city said that they are working with the Irish Data Protection Commission to prevent the spread the data of German Politicians.

The German newspaper ‘’Bild’’ tells that all people belonging from the German cabinet along with other German comedians and musicians have been the victim of this mass data attack.

The early reports about the incident emphasize that there was nothing politically sensitive among the data. But Julian Ropcke of Bild newspaper tweeted that he had found some traumatizing details regarding nepotism and the data bounces back to 2009.

The German Public Broadcaster RBB discloses further shocking details about the leaked data. The leaked information contains cell phone numbers, emails, public addresses, private conversations, ID card pictures, and debit endorsements. Moreover, it also includes internal party documents and extremely personal data like chats with family members too.

The German cyber-security expert, Sven Herpig accused Russia behind this doxxing incident. The instant suspect goes towards the right-wing groups in Germany and also in Russia. Sven Herpig said that Russia is a suspect because Germany is about to face four state election in 2019 along with elections in the European Parliament too.

Previously, Russia has been blamed for cyber-attacks in Germany. Data got stolen from computers in Bundestag back in 2015. However, last year, the government’s entire IT network falls under the attack. The Russian hackers got blamed during this entire happening.

The UK-based expert Graham Cluley also expresses his view on the recent doxxing incident. He said that the latest mass data attack looks like an organized and harmonized effort which involves a strong-minded group as well.


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