Data Breaches Could Occur Due to Kubernetes Misconfigurations That Were Leaked.

Last updated: March 31, 2024 Reading time: 2 minutes

Over 900,000 Kubernetes (K8s) have been discovered to be vulnerable to malicious scans and/or data-exposing cyberattacks, according to a report from cybersecurity firm Cyble.

Even though not all exposed instances are vulnerable to attacks or the loss of sensitive data, these misconfiguration practises may make companies attractive targets for TAs in the future, according to researchers.

Open-source Kubernetes is a system designed to automate containerized application deployment, scaling and administration.

There is no downtime in a production environment because K8s uses a combination of physical and virtual machines to create a uniform API.

For all these reasons, Kubernetes is a useful tool, but when it isn’t set up properly, it presents a risk of data exfiltration and other hacking attempts.