NCSC Chief: Clear Rules Needed to Prevent Cyberspace Conflict and Struggle

Last updated: January 18, 2024 Reading time: 2 minutes

A safe and secure digital world necessitates a clear definition and enforcement of international cyberspace rules, according to NCSC chief executive Lindy Cameron during a speech at Tel Aviv University’s Cyber Week.

According to Cameron, “we must be clearer about the guidelines and norms that transcend international borders” in order to keep the digital world a place of opportunity rather than conflict. The use of cutting-edge new technologies and increased international cooperation are two examples of this.

However, she acknowledged that cyberpowers are becoming more advanced. However, these tools must be produced and used “in a manner that is legal, responsible, and proportionate.”

A clear understanding of how and when cyber capabilities can be used is essential to reining in irresponsible cyber behaviour. The tightening of export controls by Israel on these tools, according to Cameron, “makes it far more difficult for nations with concerning records on privacy and human rights to acquire such intrusive spyware.”