Hackers Targeted 'Teddy Bears' For Massive Data Breach

Last updated: July 5, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
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With providing ease to please your children, the toys ‘Cloudpets’ have now become the backdoor for hackers to access passwords, emails, and private message conversations between you and your children. In a recent data breach, the internet connected smart toys ‘cloudpets’ are found to be used by the hackers.

Almost two million personal conversation messages have already been exposed by the hackers who accessed these wide range of smart toys.

Data stolen from the cloudpets are being used for demanding ransom amount from the parents as pointed out by the Internet Security Research Troy Hunt. They also posted the details of the security break-in to denounce the hackers.

The website ‘Have I Been Pwned’ aptly helps people to ensure whether they are safe from being exposed in any data breach or not. The website owner Mr. Hunt reports that the hackers have exposed almost 800,000 account details yet.

Report from Mr. Hunt also includes that along with exposed database, the hackers have maliciously breached staggering 2.2 million recorded messages and their responses between the parents and their children along with the database user name and email addresses.

According to Mr. Hunt hacking is evidently purposed to demand ransom amount from the sufferers. He told that there was no response from the spiral toys – the makers of cloudpet – when he told them about the security breach from their side. Moreover, he also pointed out that since 2015 their blog have not been updated.

However, it is not known that how many Australians are caught up in the hacking attack but the smart toys are accessible through online stores.

People who are stressed about the privacy issues with their account must change the account password at least and try disconnecting the toy from internet as a precautionary measure.

This latest data hack comes shortly after the warning issued by the German authorities about Internet connected doll named ‘My friend Cayla’ that posed security threat.

Now the Australian researchers are calling for greater privacy rules to protect their children in the midst of security issues related to Internet connected smart toys e.g. Smart Toy Bear, Cloudpets, and Hello Barbie.

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