Net Neutrality : Ultimate FCC Election, Just a Few hours Away

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The “NO CARE” strategy: The story goes a long way back but the gist of it is the election about to be held in a few hours from now. The voting starts at 10:30 am, according to the current situation but if any delay is made, people shall be informed. The fate of the freedom of people is in the hands of time right now.

Many see it as an undemocratic decision that is about to be made against the consent of the general public because about 83% of the population is against this idea of killing-net neutrality while the rest are either unaware of the situation going on or they either are in support of the idea. On Tuesday, nearly 37 Senate Democrats and two independents sent a letter to Pai, urging him to abandon the proposal, which they called a “stunning regulatory overreach.”

“The future of the internet hangs in the balance,” they wrote.

A Republican member of Congress, Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado, also sent a letter, urging him to delay the vote and expressed concern of “unanticipated negative consequences. But Pai’s reaction to all this seems remote. He along with his supporters and the companies like Comcast or Verizon simply, DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE OPINION OF THE MASSES!. They have adopted the policy that let people demand what they want but give a deaf ear to their demands.

Pai’s plans: Okay! Lately, net neutrality has been a real problem in the United States of America. Net neutrality means the free use of the internet by all users despite the type of content or website but it’s facing real threats in the state right now. The new chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai has started a campaign for the killing of net neutrality and ensuring limited and restricted use by the users.

The Pai proposal would reverse the rules that have been in place since 2015 when the Obama-era FCC was controlled by Democrats. Back then, Thune floated a compromise proposal that would ban blocking and throttling and so-called paid prioritization, but Democrats were wary of it as it would have stripped the FCC of much of its authority.

According to Ajit Pai’s latest comment on Trump’s tweet, attacking NBC news reporting, he said that the agency or FCC lacked authority to revoke a license of a broadcast station on the content of a newscast. So currently, Pai is doing everything in his power to win over the masses or let’s say the vote of the FCC and if this happens then surely the black era of the internet is about, to begin with, the start of 2018.

Last month, Pai gave a speech at the Newsome where he said that he talked of freedom of speech being “under siege,” particularly on college campuses. He said that he saw some of these “worrying signs” in his role at the FCC, pointing to Twitter messages in which “people regularly demand that the FCC yank licenses from cable news channels like Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN because they disagree with the opinions expressed on those networks.”

The current situation and prediction:

But right now the whole scenario seems a bit “one-sided”. Where the demands of the public are being ignored and undemocratic ways seem to be originating in the state. Also, the elections are being predicted to go in the favor of Ajit Pai but if somehow, the polls are against him then it truly is a miracle and a savior for the democracy of the state as well as, of the freedom of opinions of minorities and majorities. Hence the internet remaining forever as a free platform for business, entertainment, and opinions. But those are just predictions, stay tuned for the election results at 10:30 am.

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