This Is How You Get Hacked On Public Wi-Fi

Last updated: July 5, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

Walking around the street seems to be exciting and less boring with a WiFi connection. But at the same time it is a high risk to your privacy as attackers with malicious intentions are waiting for a chance to invade your account and steal all the important and private stuff. Growing Internet devices are opening new doors for the attackers greater access to the crime.

One of the renowned hackers, Jayson Street, has efficiently visualized the attack scenario and for that all the hacker just need is to sett up an EvilAP (malicious access point) and to be around someone’s device.

By creating a fake Wi-Fi connectivity, Jayson gathered people around him showing this as a legitimate Wi-Fi connection. And once the person connected to the Wi-Fi, his/her personal information transferred to the attacker’s device enabling him to gain access to the personal information, password and other private data.


In order to prevent being a victim of attack, ‘Pwnie Express’ – a security research company – has published its yearly report on what preventive measures one should take to remain safe and vigilant against cyber crimes.

From the report following are the quick steps to follow;

  1. Keep your Wi-Fi off when you are not using it, to minimize chances of being attacked.
  2. Disable the functions that you are not using for the recently bought device. Always remember to check the device before bringing it to the work place.
  3. Set up passwords that are strong enough to secure your device. Moreover, never use the same password for different account.
  4. When you are purchasing a device always check its authenticity and make sure you know how to update the software linked to that device.
  5. Brands could be more prone to security issues so buy a device after verifying it.

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