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Redefine Your Privacy Measures After Trump’s Signature Threatens Users Privacy

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About a week ago the congress has voted in favor of ISPs selling your personal data. Suspending the former privacy rules by FCC which restrains the internet service providers to sell your data without your permission, now the ISPs like Comcast and Verizon will easily be selling consumer’s history to the third party.

The earlier rules by FCC were introduced last year under Obama’s government. Now, when these rules are suspended and trump has recently signature the new ones, the final nail in the user’s privacy coffin has been set up.

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ISPs are now absolutely independent to invade your high privacy matters and you couldn’t make a voice against it cause it’s a legal thing now. Even your confidential messages, pictures, geolocation, app usage, browsing history, buying habits, and the financial and medical information isn’t safe. This sensitive data could not only be accessed and monitored but is prone to be sold by ISPs to other third party organization.

New rules are a threat to user’s privacy

It is a serious privacy concern for the users as their all data could now easily be monitored and even more than that they wouldn’t be informed about the fact that how much and to how many people their data has been gone.

With the implementation of such rules, users must fear about their personal data which could be compromised.

  1. Your private and personal conversation could be seen through your emails
  2. Thoughts you may perceive could be judged through your browsing history
  3. Third parties like marketers and advertisers could use your browsing habits and app usage to target you for their ads.
  4. Any third party, network carriers or marketers can now access your financial information.
  5. Your geological presence could cater ISPs, governments, and other agencies to track your location.
  6. Even your social networking activities such as personal pictures, messages, tweets, and other posts will be provided to the highest bidder.

Need Privacy Protection, Just Follow These Measures

Want your sensitive data to be secure from being sold and used, just follow these easy privacy protection rules. Otherwise, your confidential information will soon be access and record by prying eyes.

Use HTTP Extensions For Browsing:

Anybody willing to secure data should install HTTPS extensions for before browsing websites. HTTPs helps to keep your data safe from third party intrusion by encrypting it. Basically, these extensions stop websites to connect your browser without SSL encryption.

Using a VPN Could Help Encrypting your entire data:

Using VPN is the most authentic and secure way to protect your privacy and also easy to follow.

A Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a connecting bridge between your internet and you. It encrypts all your internet traffic, passing it through an encrypted tunnel. This way your real IP address is changed and you become anonymous which restricts any third party to identify you.

For this, you have options of some best VPN providers who give you high privacy protocol with their excellent security features and low costs.

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