What Is VPN Kill Switch And How Does It Work? Complete Guide

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VPN Kill Switch And How Does It Work

Numerous internet users have now observed the possible risk of online data exposure to ISPs or cybercriminals. Thus, a VPN service is a solution for those worried about online security and privacy.

Unfortunately, the most steady and consistent VPN connections can sometimes halt. When this problem arises, the user is, by default, connected to the network. The user is secured by the usual regular connection provided by the ISP.

It could be unsafe and uncertain for various bloggers, political activists, and journalists who live and work in countries with totalitarian governments. Also, those countries have the highest levels of internet surveillance and control. This scenario can be recognized and checked without knowing that a VPN connection has to the dropdown.

To avoid this situation, the IT specialist has introduced a feature. It directly turns off the internet connection if it senses disruptions in a VPN connection. This advanced VPN feature is known as a VPN kill switch.

Let’s look at this advanced feature in-depth, ensuring more internet security and privacy.

What is a VPN Kill switch?

A VPN Kill Switch is a significant part of the VPN security solution. It should be ranked as a top feature when you search for the best torrent VPN. This innovative feature is also known as the “Internet Kill Switch.” This feature assures users that their IP address will never be exposed, even if the VPN connection fails.

This feature is for both torrent downloaders and BitTorrent users. No one wants their IP address and location to be exposed to the torrent group.

Kill Switch is the following VPN feature. It prevents you from accessing an unsecured and unsafe internet connection, especially when a VPN does not forward online traffic data.

This feature’s main aim and goal are to protect the users’ online activity and IP address from getting exposed when the VPN connection gets dropped.

Users with increased demand for stable internet privacy protection value and appreciate the Kill Switch feature. That comprises journalists, bloggers, activists, and business holders keeping business secrets that usually live in authoritarian states. Regular torrent users are concerned about their internet privacy and want to hide their real identities.

How Does it work

The VPN Kill Switch works like a tripwire. It continuously observes the internet connection for any change in the status or IP address. Suppose the Switch identifies and becomes aware of any change. For instance, VPN connections get failed so, and it will block your system from connecting to the internet while waiting for the VPN connection to resorts again.

It reacts so quickly to block the internet connection and doesn’t allow the computer system to reconnect to the internet again.

How to find if VPN has a Kill Switch

If you want to know whether your VPN has a Kill Switch built-in, you can carefully read the VPN FAQs. You can also go through their features. However, some VPNs advertise Kill Switch more profoundly than others.

Advantages of VPN Kill Switch

The internet speed was relatively low when the idea of a VPN was fresh and first-hand. Moreover, also the connections were unstable. To have a Kill Switch means you remain disconnected from the internet for several hours too.

These problems are now less existent. If you use an accessible VPN/proxy server, you may have issues connecting to the internet. If you use an excellent VPN service, then it will be a small hick-up in browsing.

The essential advantage of using VPN Kill Switch is it provides additional security and protection to the users while torrenting. Also, when the VPN connection gets drops. When a VPN Kill Switch gets integrated into the application, there is no chance of your IP address getting exposed.

VPN Killswitch is a valuable feature. It increases your privacy and security by protecting DNS Leak as well as your IP from being exposed.

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