What Is VPN Kill Switch And How Does It Work? Complete Guide

Last updated: January 18, 2024 Reading time: 3 minutes
VPN Kill Switch And How Does It Work

Numerous internet users have now observed the possible risk of online data exposure to ISPs or cybercriminals. Thus, a VPN service is a solution for those worried about online security and privacy.

Unfortunately, the most steady and consistent VPN connections can sometimes halt. When this problem arises, the user is, by default, connected to the network. The user is secured by the usual regular connection provided by the ISP.

It could be unsafe and uncertain for various bloggers, political activists, and journalists who live and work in countries with totalitarian governments. Also, those countries have the highest levels of internet surveillance and control. This scenario can be recognized and checked without knowing that a VPN connection has to the dropdown.

To avoid this situation, the IT specialist has introduced a feature. It directly turns off the internet connection if it senses disruptions in a VPN connection. This advanced VPN feature is known as a VPN kill switch.

Let’s look at this advanced feature in-depth, ensuring more internet security and privacy.