Does VPN Slow Down Internet Speed? [Resolved]

Rebecca James Last updated: July 12, 2023 Reading time: 5 minutes
does vpn slow internet speed

A short answer to this question: VPN connection suppose to reduce your speed because of encryption protocols. VPN will route your Internet traffic through a highly encrypted tunnel, which is why you always feel a choked connection while browsing. So, Yes, VPN does slow your regular internet speed.

However, if you are using the best and most legitimate VPN service, it will not reduce your connection speed by more than 5% to 6% of your regular internet speed.

In some cases, VPN is a helpful tool when your ISP throttles your connection; there are many reasons why ISP is throttling your bandwidth; well, we will discuss this further in this article. Another benefit is VPN encryption which enhances your Internet connection by providing privacy and security to your Internet connection.

Despite the benefits of VPN, many VPN users are concerned with how VPN distresses Internet speed. So, does a VPN slow down the Internet? Essentially, there are more than a few issues that could affect the speed of your Internet, whether you are behind a VPN server or not.

The “Does VPN make the internet slower?” question is not a simple yes or no answer; it can be explained in the given steps: