How To Stop ISP Internet Throttling With A VPN In 2023

Rebecca James Last updated: September 13, 2023 Reading time: 26 minutes
Bypass ISP

It’s 2023, and many internet users are unaware they are dealing with ISP throttling. If you are among those who need to learn what ISP throttling is, this guide will help you know everything about it, along with ways to avoid it.

Also known as bandwidth throttling, ISP throttling is a widespread activity in which the ISPs deliberately slow down internet speed for engaging in high-bandwidth activities like streaming, gaming, and torrenting. ISP throttling has always been a prime concern of privacy advocates. But the repeal of net neutrality has worsened the situation as it empowers ISPs to sneak into users’ activities and throttle their connection without informing them.

While ISP throttling is an unfair practice provoking incredible frustration among users, there is a way to get around it. A reliable VPN is an effective tool for bypassing ISP throttling and ensuring fast connection speeds over the web. There are other ways to get around throttling, so read along and learn everything.

How to Bypass ISP Throttling Four easy methods