How to Stop Someone From Spying on My Cell Phone

Last updated: April 6, 2024 Reading time: 12 minutes
How to Stop Someone From Spying on My Cell Phone

Spyware is a cell phone that has become a common issue these days. But thinking about it too much or being concerned about every sign that your phone is tapped could make you paranoid.

Some spyware is remotely installed on your phone, but they are usually scams and do not work as advertised.

But, for the regular spy apps, the hacker must have physical access to your phone. Therefore, the most essential precaution is to keep your phone with you or in a safe place.

Unfortunately, it is most common for users to download the spy app on their phones unintentionally. Spyware apps could be extremely dangerous as they can access text messages, calls, e-mails, call history, and location on your device.

So, you should detect the spy apps on your phone as early as possible and follow measures to remove the spyware.

How to protect your phone against spying