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8 Security Alerts For Startup Users Of MAC

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It is important for a startup business to pre-analyze all the threats and risks involved and address them accordingly. Ignoring any threat can lead to failure in the very initial phase of the startup. Many people choose Mac for their startups considering it the most secure among all the Operating Systems. It is no doubt that it has a built-in strong firewall and a security scanning system but it is not 100% safe and secure. In the past five years many viruses and worms have hacked Mac and caused irreversible damage and loss of money. Additional security software can boost the security parameters of Mac and if you are still not sold on the security flaws of Mac, then these security alerts will help make your mind.

  1. Viruses and Worms

In the past five years, many hazardous viruses and worms have hit Mac. Most of these come from plug-ins and add-ons, like for browsers, which are usually distributed outside the official app store. There are several top worms and viruses which hit Mac in past years like in 2006, OSX/Leap, a Trojanworm which targeted all recent applications with poisoned codes and made them unusable. Similarly in 2007 Zlob Trojan damage Mac server’s setting, in 2008 a worm Imunizator, which claimed to find privacy holes within your Mac. Proceeding in the years 2009, 2010, 2011 many other viruses and worms hit Mac computers and caused grave damage to them. You can use anti-virus software to combat these viruses and worms and enhance your Mac security.

  1. Spyware and Malware

Mac can get malware and spyware, other than typical viruses, worms, and Trojans. There is now a rapidly growing pool of malware and spyware programs that throw ads and spy on your internet browsing just like Windows. Macs do have some built-in protection system against malware and spyware but that is not enough to protect you against these malicious software. So you need particular anti-malware software to make a bulwark against all popping malware and spyware on your Mac.

  1. Ransomware

Just recently a ransomware “KeRanger” hit Mac user and cause serious troubles. Since a ransomware is a malicious software which when unknowingly installed in the system restricts access to the system and ask the user to pay a ransom to the malware operator to resume the access. This sounds really scary and like a nightmare for your startup, for any business, it could be a devastating situation. However, it can be avoided if some additional security steps have taken by the Mac user.

  1. Phishing Scams

Every internet user is aware of scams that prevail in the world of internet. But recently even Mac is not safe from such ‘Phishing scams’. You might have seen a pop-up warning of threat and malware in your Mac flashing a fake number for support and if you call them and follow the instruction, you can be in hot water. To simply avoid such threats just use high-end security software which can block such pop-ups and keep it away from your screen.

  1. Hackers and Spammers

It was a myth that hackers can’t break into Mac due to high-security layering. Hackers and spammers used a ransomware to infect Mac computers and get the access to it. The recent ransomware atack infected the transmission of BitTorrent Client installer for OSX for the first time on March 4. After that anyone who downloaded one of the two installers of transmission on 4th and 5th of March’16 the ransomware restricted user’s access to their computers and asked a ransom amount of $400 from every victim. This shows that the Apple’s claim of hacking-free OS is untrue.

  1. Government Surveillance Agencies

Most of the developed countries have launched Mass Surveillance Programs according to which every user’s online activity is under monitoring 24/7. It means all your online activities your financial and confidential information is not hidden from the spying eyes of government agencies. If you are unhappy with this vexatious situation then using a VPN could save you from this. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your privacy by encrypting your data through a secure tunnel which makes you anonymous over the internet. It alo anonymizes you by masking your IP address making it quite impossible to track your online activity.  Therefore a VPN helps keep all your sensitive and confidential business secrets and information secure.

  1. Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

All ISPs globally track and record users’ activities as per copyrights and censorship laws in many countries. But it doesn’t sound good for your startup business to be under the monitoring of anyone 24/7. Anyone can misuse your information which could lead to cyber theft or privacy issues, how can you trust them? But you can hide securely by using a VPN.

  1. Threats from intermediary

Many viruses, worms, Trojans are transferred to the system by downloading files from any untrusted source other than your developer. Therefore, it is crucial to install files from Apple store and never use an intermediary that can cause damage to your Mac computer.

Final Words

In this competitive business world, it is best to analyze all risks factors that can cause any sort of detriment to your fragile startup. In this article, I tried to highlight all major security alerts related to Mac that you must be aware of. Moreover, there are cogent measures against these Mac privacy problems. These Mac Security Alerts and recommended solutions might be helpful and safeguard your startup business. Always remember poor security can lead to havoc for your startup.

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