How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Hacked | 12 Signs

Rebecca James Last updated: August 15, 2023 Reading time: 14 minutes
Phone Has Been Hacked

With the changing security landscape, smartphones have become more of a curse than a blessing. Mobile phones contain everything from emails to banking details, contacts to images, and hence are a popular target of cybercriminals. If your phone behaves strangely, it’s a possible sign of hacking.

Hackers are becoming increasingly creative and invade your phones to track your online activities, commit identity theft, steal data to sell on the dark web, or blackmail you. Many users believe that using iOS devices will keep them safe from hackers. However, it is a common misconception; both operating systems are equally vulnerable to hacking. While iOS users have been a target of Pegasus hacks, Android users are often targeted with mobile malware found in 99% of third-party apps.

As mobile devices hold considerable sensitive and personal information, protecting them from hackers is crucial. Considering the importance of mobile phone security, let’s explore the signs of hacking and how to protect the sensitive data it holds.

 How to Know If You Have Been Hacked? 

Unfortunately, phone hacking is rising, risking users’ sensitive data and affecting device performance. A study finds that over 60% of cyberattacks are via mobile devices. Cybercriminals are always refining their methods so they can compromise your phone security for several malicious reasons: