How to Stop Third-Party Apps from Reading Your Emails?

Rebecca James Last updated: August 9, 2023 Reading time: 4 minutes
Apps from Reading Your Emails?

Last year, a report disclosed how third-party applications and developers can view your emails and read them easily. Although it is a bit complicated for them to do so, it is pretty easy to see which apps can access your Gmail account.

The news was broken by a report published by the Wall Street Journal. The report makes some shocking revelations about the technology industry.

Google has ensured that all its employees will not read users’ emails except for some specific cases. However, no assurances were built regarding third-party applications and developers.

In a statement given to The Verge, Google mentions that it investigates and vets third-party companies before giving them the aptitude and skill to read emails. These third-party companies include Return Path and Edison Software. But, they violate the user contract and interpret the emails. Moreover, many applications don’t ask for explicit permission. However, they claim to have it anyway, and when they agreed to an elongated user agreement, they decided not to read any emails.

If you’re worried about your emails and want to protect your emails from third-party access, don’t worry. We are providing you with some tips which would help stop third-party apps from reading your emails. Let’s find out more about it.