How Can Google Track You and How To Stop Google Tracking

Last updated: July 10, 2023 Reading time: 8 minutes
How Can Google Track You And How To Stop Google Tracking

Browsing the internet without Google tracking has become essential because of growing security concerns. This is no hidden truth that Google knows a lot about your browsing habits. The search engine keeps tabs on everything you do while using its apps, services, and devices. Most of us don’t even realize how far Google’s track extends. Google knows all the details from the places you visit, the things you like, and your purchases. 

There are a few benefits of Google tracking. For instance, the tech giant collects information to enhance the performance of its tools and services so you can enjoy a more personalized experience. However, Google has been sued several times for sharing users’ data with third parties, increasing the urge to prevent Google tracking.  

How can Google Track you

Google tracks your data and activities so they can target you with advertisements and improve your user experience. Though there are several ways Google uses to track you, the most common ones are as follows: