Tor Browser Privacy Setting-How to Setup Properly?

Shigraf Ajaz Last updated: August 15, 2023 Reading time: 9 minutes
Tor Browser Privacy Setting

Tor browser is notorious for providing a secure browsing experience and allowing access to the dark web. The browser offers unique security features designed to ensure online anonymity and security. However, you can only get optimum safety if you properly set up the Tor browser security features.

Only after you have all the security features intact can you attain the private browsing experience you wish to achieve. But setting up these features might seem like a hassle, so it is best to remain patient and use any guidance you get!

How to Setup Tor Browser on Your Device

Tor browser is open-source and free to download. You can download the browser hassle-freely on your Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac devices. But make sure you download it from the official website because malicious actors can trick you into downloading fake Tor browser apps and infect devices with malware, so it’s better to remain careful.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for installing the Tor browser on different devices: