21 Best Tor Alternatives For Anonymous Browsing

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Tor Alternatives

If you are looking for a Tor alternative to achieve better privacy and security, then it’s best to use VPN like NordVPN. It’s a better and faster way to browse anonymously and avoid geo-blocking. If you are looking for a browser like Tor to access the deep or dark web, check out the list below.

Tor Alternatives – Better Privacy
  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) – By using VPN, you don’t have to install any other privacy tool, its the perfect alternative for Tor.
  2. I2P Browser – uses darknet technology and provides layered encryption.
  3. ZeroNetThere are no central servers, and you can use them without an internet connection.
  4. FreeNetA free software for communicating over the web without fearing censorship.
  5. GNUnetIt is a medium-latency network that is famous for providing anonymity and security
  6. SubgraphIt uses a firewall and meta-proxy to ensure anonymity while using the dark web.
  7. Epic Privacy Browser – It prevents IP leaks, blocks fingerprints, and increases connection speed while browsing the web.
  8. Firefox Focus – It is available on all popular platforms, including Android and iOS. It has a blocking social and ad trackers feature that prevents trackers from recording users’ activities.
  9. PeerBlock – A helpful tool for downloading torrents.
  10. Yandex Browser – It is an open-source Chromium project with impressive security boosting extensions such as an ad block, site reputation indicator, and flash blocker.
  11. Disconnect Browser – It prevents internet tracking by hunting all those companies and websites that track down netizens.
  12. Comodo IceDragon – It offers you excellent security and privacy boosting features like a site inspection feature and a built-in ad blocker and VPN.
  13. IprediaOS Encrypted Browser – A Linux-based operating system that uses programmed encryption services and safeguards users from attackers and trackers.
  14. Tox – It is like an instant messaging app that uses open-source libraries to encrypt everything you do.
  15. JonDo Live-CD – It comes with some pre-installed programs like Tor browser, Pidgin, and Thunderbird and works best on Linux.
  16. Whonix – Uses Whonix-Workstation, which works on a private framework to provide users security and anonymity.
  17. Psiphon Browser – It is best at hiding your IP address and comes with features like multi-screening and server exchanging.
  18. Globus Browser – It uses VPN servers to keep your activities protected.
  19. Freepto – It automatically encrypts the data stored on the USB disk to boost security.
  20. Lightweight Portable Security – A Linux-based software that doesn’t use external servers.
  21. Tails – It uses cryptographic tools to encrypt emails, data files, and other instant messages.

Tor is one of the most reliable networks to access the deep and dark web. Its vast range of servers, circuits, layers, bridges, and security updates/patches make it more secure and anonymous than other Tor Alternatives.

80% of people use Tor to access “.onion” URLs, but thousands also use Tor to browse the web anonymously. However, Tor has many privacy, security, and speed issues from ISP throttling.

Why do we need alternatives to Tor Browsers?

People usually use the Tor browser for two significant reasons:

  • To access the dark web
  • To enjoy an anonymous web browsing experience

Tor was one of the most secure browsers, but security experts have found some serious issues. Thus, they don’t recommend using it anymore.

The users are now more concerned about their digital privacy than anything else. The following mentioned below are some of the valid reasons that raised the demand for the best Tor browser alternatives:

  • It slows down your internet connection. Usually, when you browse through Tor, the internet speed is lowered to 40%. It is because the traffic goes through many relays.
  • Results in a frustrating user experience.
  • Your ISP can easily detect you when you’re using Tor.
  • It doesn’t encrypt the data traffic.
  • You can get into legal trouble. Usually, people who want to hide sensitive information use it. If the government knows you’re using the Tor browser, they might start watching your online activities.

21 best Tor alternatives that are better than Tor

When you search the web for anonymous browsers like Tor, you get several other options. Though they are suitable options for accessing the dark web via the Tor browser, they won’t give you the best results. After much research and testing, the following four Tor browser alternatives work best with the dark web. So, here’s an insight into them.

1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN As Tor Alternatives

A VPN is a privacy software that is best for anonymous web browsing. It protects you from snooping eyes and means that when you’re connected to a VPN, web trackers, hackers, ISPs, or other surveillance can’t track or monitor your activities.

Some premium VPNs like NordVPN comes with an impressive kill switch feature. This feature protects the IP address and internet traffic from leaking when the VPN connection drops, making it the compelling Tot alternative.

 A VPN has two main functions:

  • A VPN assigns you a new IP address and replaces it with the existing one. It helps get past geo-restrictions.
  • It encrypts internet data and ensures maximum security and protection. A VPN creates a secure and encrypted tunnel that encrypts the data into an unreadable form, and from here, the data goes to the VPN server. The encryption makes it impossible for anyone to view your online activities.

A VPN changes your virtual location. Some other advantages of using a VPN include:

  • It maintains a fast internet connection.
  • You can access geo-blocked content from different streaming channels.
  • You can prevent ISP throttling.

2. I2P Browser

I2P Browser

The Invisible Internet Project or I2P uses the DarkNet technology and is regarded as the best Tor alternative for accessing the dark web. It encrypts the internet traffic in a layer using public and private keys. Doing so ensures that no one can track or invade your online privacy.

This browser often creates a network layer within the TCP/IP and UDP sessions, thus becoming a center for network traffic and the best alternative for the Tor browser.

3. ZeroNe


ZeroNet is another popular darknet alternative that works through the P2P network. It means there are no central servers, but the network data is still transmitted from user to user. It also uses the BitTorrent network and Bitcoin cryptography, and the websites are identified with a public key instead of an IP address.

The best thing about this network is that you can even use this without an internet connection. Also, it works like a forum initially, but you can jump from one site to another to find web pages on any topic.

You can download ZeroNet from its official Windows, macOS, and Linux website.

4. Freenet


Another darknet alternative is the freenet which again works on the P2P networks and protects privacy. As the name suggests, it is free and allows censorship-resistant communication. The users use a decentralized distributed data store that separates the network structure from the user interface rules. For the past 20 years, it has been a reliable choice.

You can download it for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

5. GNUnet

GNUnet provides decentralized peer-to-peer communication via Bluetooth, WLAN, HTTPS, TCP, and UDP ports. It safeguards sensitive information by keeping the number of your PII as low as possible. 

6. Subgraph OS

Another Tor browser alternative that is quite popular is the Subgraph OS. The best thing about this operating system is that it uses Tor technology and has dedicated software for maintaining user privacy. It has a unique user interface that is hard to crack and track. Moreover, it has a firewall and meta-proxy that ensures complete anonymity while surfing the dark web.

7. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser

The second Tor alternative in our list is the Epic privacy browser. It is a private program that is basic and simple to understand but guarantees total protection and increased connection speed while browsing the web. It also prevents IP leaks by certain WebRTC.

The best thing about the Browser is that it shows the information about who’s tracking and following you and then blocks them. Besides this, it comes with an encoded proxy that masks all your sensitive information from the service provider. The encoded proxy maintains your security if you are browsing the web in public.

Moreover, it blocks the fingerprint content and capacities like the picture canvas information making it one of the best browsers like Tor alternatives.

8. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

The Firefox Focus browser is the latest addition to our list of the best alternatives to Tor. Developed by Mozilla Foundation and Corporation, the Firefox Focus is available for all popular platforms, including Android and iOS.

It is enabled by default and helps the Mozilla browser track the usage parameters. Furthermore, it comes with blocking social and ad trackers features. Enabling this feature prevents trackers from recording activities and smoothing their browsing experience without affecting their internet speed.

9. PeerBlock


Peerblock is among the Tor browser alternatives that prevent you from online tracking. Using peer block lets you control the number of people connecting to you on the web. Peerblock is helpful when you’re downloading torrents.

However, there are some serious risks associated with Peerblock. They provide you with no encryption and don’t hide your IP address. Also, they fail to prevent all the trackers from following you. But, since it is free in the market, it is a popular Tor browser alternative.

10. Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser

Yandex browser is yet another popular Tor alternative used for anonymous browsing. It is an open-source Chromium project that doesn’t allow the users to set up a proxy manually.

This privacy and security-enhancing browser is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms. It has amazing security boosting extensions such as an ad block, site reputation indicator, and flash blocker. While downloading the file using the Yandex browser, it is first scanned with Kaspersky anti-virus and checked for potential vulnerabilities. In this way, it protects from malware and other cyber threats.

11. Disconnect Browser

Disconnect Browser

The disconnect browser disconnects the users from all websites that track them. It does so by hunting all those companies and websites that track down netizens, making it another best Tor browser alternative. They even first ask for your permission before blocking them.

You can use it on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Users can search and browse anything by using a disconnect browser. You can do it even if you want to access the dark web. But, according to security experts, it is not the ideal solution.

12. Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon

If security and privacy are your primary concern, you should try Comodo IceDragon. It offers great security and privacy boosting features like a site inspection feature, built-in ad blocker, and VPN. It automatically scans the web pages for malware before you visit them. Also, it blocks web trackers and ensures that no one breaches your digital privacy.

13. IprediaOS Encrypted Browser

IprediaOS Encrypted Browser

IprediaOS is our next choice for Tor alternatives. It is a Linux-based operating system that offers programmed encryption services and safeguards users from attackers and trackers. This Browser uses encryption to secure the data traffic, making it a safe and reliable Tor browser alternative.

14. Tox


If you are looking for a Tor alternative that allows encrypted communication and anonymous browsing, you should try Tox. It is like an instant messaging app that is secure and easy to use. It has no hidden agendas or motives behind it. Tox uses open-source libraries that encrypt everything you do on it. No one can spy or track you while you use Tox. Only the people with whom you are talking can see your conversation.

15. JonDo Live-CD

If you’re looking for a Tor browser alternative that works fine on Linux, JonDo is the right choice. It promises to secure your browsing experience and prevents spyware, trackers, and malware from invading your privacy. Also, It comes with pre-installed programs like Tor browser, Pidgin, and Thunderbird.

 Furthermore, It also ensures that you enjoy fast internet browsing and uses special techniques to protect against web profiling.

16. Whonix

The high level of security that Whonix provides to users makes it a great Tor alternative. It works exceptionally well on Linux and is responsible for covering your IP address while you’re on the web. It uses Whonix-Workstation, which provides security and anonymity on a private framework.

17. Psiphon Browser


Next in our list of Tor alternatives is the Psiphon browser. This Browser uses several systems to verify your security over the web. It offers a user-friendly interface that is simple and easy to use. Also, it comes with multi-screening and server-exchanging features that increase its worth and attracts many users.

It is a free Tor alternative that depends upon VPN and SSH to benefit its users. It is best at hiding your IP address and is operational on Android and iOS.

18- Globus Browser


You can also use the Globus browser as a Tor browser alternative. It uses VPN servers to keep your activities protected. Besides protecting against third-party trackers, it also protects against malware using the Tor browser. Since it uses the Tor browser, it also helps unblock blocked websites.

19. Freepto

If you’re a Linux user searching for the best Tor browser alternative, use Freepto. It uses such high standard encryption that makes tracking difficult. It also helps you in bypassing government surveillance.

Freepto is portable, and you can run it from a USB stick. It is designed to automatically encrypt the data stored on the USB disk and further boost your security.

20. Lightweight Portable Security (LPS)

  • Website: github.com/AvANa-BBS/freepto-lb

It is a Linux-based software that doesn’t connect or communicate with external servers prone to tracking. Also, It is one main reason why Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) is regarded as the best Tor browser alternative.

It creates a safe end node from dependable media on any Intel-based system. And It doesn’t require administrator privileges but booting from external memory infrastructure.

21. Tails

Destinaion URL: tails.boum.org

Tail’s complicated system is the safest and unique alternative protection used today. It encrypts emails, data files, and other instant messages using cryptographic tools. It allows users to surf the web anonymously, preventing trackers from tracking their online activities. You can also use it to bypass strict internet censorship.

TOR issues

Tor has some known issues that include:

  • Tor cannot employ a bridge if a proxy is set.
  •  Issues with setting Tor browser as your default browser
  • Tor fails to run on Windows if the folder path contains non-ASCII characters. If Tor Browser was functioning before and now fails, your system may be hibernating. Rebooting your system will resolve the issue.
  •  BitTorrent is not anonymous over Tor.
  • Videos that need Adobe Flash are unavailable because Adobe is disabled for security purposes.
  • Tor requires your system clock and time zone to be set to the correct time.
  • Antivirus or threat protection may block users from accessing the Tor browser.
  • Most Tor Browser plans are dated 1st January 2000 00:00:00 UTC to ensure every software model can be rebuilt.

VPNs may interfere with Tor and will need to be disabled. You should configure a VPN with Tor in a way that does not compromise your security.

Why is a VPN always an ultimate necessity?

Tor may be a better option than most The Onion Router alternatives, but it has some security drawbacks. Conversely, Tor users seek other options to improve their online safety and anonymity. Most users choose a VPN service provider because it helps them safeguard their online privacy while browsing Tor.

The best VPNs for Tor browsers include cutting-edge security and privacy features like Tor over VPN. In addition, it allows users to access onion sites entirely anonymously. VPNs also offer optimized or dedicated servers for accessing the Tor sites or the Tor browser, enabling users to access the dark web safely and anonymously.

Why you need VPN with Tor alternatives

There are various Tor browser alternatives available that promise anonymous browsing. A VPN is the best Tor alternative because of its features and benefits. Tor with a VPN is recommended as it further increases your protection level.

It is a perfect privacy-boosting software that hides your activities and makes you anonymous over the web. It protects you from all snooping eyes and various cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

When you connect to a reliable VPN like NordVPN, it hides your actual IP address, and because of end-to-end encryption, all the internet traffic appears like scrambled gibberish and is considered useless.

Best VPN to use with browsers like Tor

Below are the best VPNs that we curated after testing multiple of these.

NordVPN: its top-ranked VPN provider, 5000+ servers, all security features, works with Netflix, Torrenting, Tor, and ISP throttling – 30-day Free trial www.nordvpn.com

Surfhark: It’s excellent with Netflix and torrenting, can bypass ISP throttling, and has great privacy features. 3500+ servers and come with a 30-day free trial www.surfshark.com

Proton VPN: It has 1400+ servers and is loaded with all privacy features. Works with Netflix, Torrenting, Tor, and bypassing ISP throttling. Free Version available www.protonvpn.com


Previously, Tor was a popular browser used for anonymous browsing. But, security and privacy issues have pushed users to look for alternatives. The best Tor alternatives offer multiple benefits to the users. It allows them to browse anonymously, blocks all web trackers, and protects against malware.

Those mentioned above are some of the best browsers like Tor. We recommend you select any of them and start using them immediately for an anonymous web browsing experience.


The answer is yes – a few options offer even more privacy, security, and anonymity than Tor Browser. Some of the most popular alternatives include the Firefox-based DuckDuckGo browser, which boasts anti-tracking features, VPNs, and advanced encryption; the Brave browser, which offers private window browsing and phishing protection; and the I2P network, which works similarly to Tor but utilizes its custom protocol for secure communication.
The Tor project is an open-source initiative, independently run and funded by volunteers. It does not have any affiliation with the US government or the CIA, although some of its supporters have claimed that the CIA uses Tor as a tool for online surveillance. Despite these claims, the Tor network is built to protect users’ privacy and security. As a result, it is implausible that the CIA runs the Tor project or that they can access the traffic passing through it.
Tor Browser is designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, for third parties to track a user’s activities across the web. Using a combination of encryption and a network of dedicated servers, Tor creates an almost untraceable environment. While imperfect, Tor Browser provides much more anonymity than browsing without it.

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