Tor Alternatives (21 Options) Better Than Tor Browser - Deep / Dark Web Browsers

Rebecca James Last updated: August 6, 2023 Reading time: 16 minutes
Tor Alternatives

Tor is one of the most reliable networks to access the deep and dark web. Its vast range of servers, circuits, layers, bridges, and security updates/patches make it more secure and anonymous than other Tor Alternatives.

80% of people use Tor to access “.onion” URLs, but thousands also use Tor to browse the web anonymously. However, Tor has many privacy, security, and speed issues from ISP throttling.

21 best Tor alternatives that are better than Tor

When you search the web for Tor alternatives, you get several other options. Though they are suitable options for accessing the dark web via the Tor browser, they won’t give you the best results. After much research and testing, the following four Tor browser alternatives work best with the dark web. So, here’s an insight into them.