2 Best Ways To Encrypt Your Files And Folders In macOS 

Iam Waqas Last updated: August 9, 2023 Reading time: 8 minutes
How To Encrypt Folder In Mac

Encrypt your sensitive file and folder in macOS easily – quick steps to be encrypted

Your Mac might be one of the most secure and personal devices you have, containing a ton of personal information. But are you content with the “Mac privacy and security” that Apple boasts about? Is it a risk you’re willing to take with your personal information?

What is there to say that Mac security won’t fail and your data will remain secure? Well, you can either contemplate the risks involved or take matters seriously into your hands by encrypting your files on Mac. This article contains some of the best practices and tools you can opt for to encrypt files and folders on Mac, so if you’re interested in staying secure, read along.

Encrypt files and folders in macOS – 2 best ways

macOS is the most privacy-oriented operating system with dedicated privacy and encryption tools. In macOS, you don’t need third-party tools or software to encrypt files or folders. The two most popular ways you can encrypt files and folders in your Mac are as follows: