How to Encrypt Your Emails on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and G Suite

Last updated: August 9, 2023 Reading time: 15 minutes
Encrypt Your Emails

Encryption is, so far, the best possible way of securing your emails. With encryption, your information gets coded to be inaccessible to third parties without the designated decryption key. But why is email encryption so important?

Well, net neutrality has long ceased to exist, which means along with your web browsing and other internet activity, your insecure emails are exposed for anyone to read. That means anyone with suitable means can snoop into your email content and use your private information let, it be pictures, bank account details, or business information, and use it to carry out cyberattacks such as:

  • Identity theft 
  • Social engineering, such as whaling attacks
  • Financial fraud 

In many cases, a cybercriminal might also intercept this information and merely sell it over the dark web. Moreover, our statistics show the prevailing conditions of cybersecurity. Email encryption is the only way to ensure secure email communication.