14 Best Dark Web Monitoring Tools and Scanners In 2024

Last updated: April 6, 2024 Reading time: 22 minutes
14 Best Dark Web Monitoring Tools and Scanners In 2023

By monitoring the dark web, organizations can stay protected and remain on the latest trends in cybercrime. It is the perfect time to start if you’re not using any dark web monitoring services.

Here’s the list of the best dark web monitoring for individuals and business organizations:

  1. ZeroFox  It uses an advanced AI-powered search engine to inspect the dark web deeply.
  2. ACID Intelligence – It relies on a cluster of robots to monitor and scan various darknet resources.
  3. DarkOwl Vision – It uses Boolean and Regex-supported search logic to scan thousands of darknet sites and other platforms.
  4. CrowdStrike Falcon X Recon – It looks into thousands of darknet platforms to provide insight into over eight years of data.
  5. Have I Been Pwned – It is a free website that informs about login credentials being compromised and leaked on the dark web.
  6. SpyCloud ATO Prevention – It uses AI and ML technologies to monitor and track dark web data and is best suited for large-scale organizations.