6 Best VPNs for Dark Web (September 2023)

Rebecca James Last updated: September 13, 2023 Reading time: 11 minutes
best VPN for dark web

The dark web is the most controversial part of the internet. Despite offering fantastic benefits like helping journalists and whistleblowers gather facts and dig out history, it can put their privacy at risk if they’re not connected to a VPN to hide their online identity. Though most people know that they should use a Tor browser on the dark web, using the best VPN for the dark web adds an extra layer of encryption and protection and leaves no room by which you can be tracked down.

You should always use Tor over a VPN. A top-rated VPN provider changes your IP address and encrypts the data traffic when connecting to a Tor browser. This way, it enhances your security on the dark web and reduces the Tor browser vulnerabilities. 

You need to use the best VPN for the dark to maintain your security and privacy. This article explores the best VPN compatible with the Tor browser and helps access the dark. All these service providers work exceptionally well on the dark web and prove that they live up to all their claims to provide safe and secure access to the dark web.

Six best VPNs for the Dark Web