6 Best VPNs for Android Smart TV (September 2023)

Rebecca James Last updated: September 13, 2023 Reading time: 8 minutes
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A smart TV box or set-top box is a piece of hardware that connects to your television and enables you to access internet programming through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO GO. Android TV boxes have access to broader entertainment options than basic TVs. Because it relies on the internet to unlock these services, it’s susceptible to the same cyber dangers as other Android devices. As a result, you need the best VPN for an Android TV box to watch your favorite shows safely.

The Android TV box is vulnerable to various web threats, and even you won’t be able to access the geo-blocked content from various streaming services because of the licensing agreement. Only an Android TV VPN can help here. By changing your IP address, you can change your geographical location and watch the blocked streaming content from anywhere. Moreover, you can combat cyber threats and risks because of VPN’s end-to-end encryption and advanced security and privacy-boosting features. 

The following article delves deep into the best VPN for Android. These VPNs are well-researched and tested and ensure the best user experience.

Six best VPNs for Android TV box