How To Encrypt Macintosh Or Mac Systems

Iam Waqas Last updated: August 9, 2023 Reading time: 7 minutes
Encrypt Macintosh Or Mac Systems

Earlier this year, reported by Palo Alto at CNBC, major ransomware, named “KeRanger,” hit Mac users demanding 1 bitcoin (equivalent $400) and was able to bypass Apple’s security check as it was signed with a valid Mac app development system, installed through compromised BitTorrent client “Transmission.” Although Apple is fast in its security update and patches, hacks like these work silently and attack without notice unless it is too late for the users.

Some common risks arise from unattended Mac, weak passwords, outdated security updates, and poor information security practices. Hackers look for weak targets and attack individuals and businesses with weak Mac security systems.  Using innovative encryption programs and security checks can remediate these attacks. A few best practices are discussed below to make your Mac secure against hacker attacks:

Avoid Using The Administrator Account

An administrator account gives you root access to drive to perform crucial system management tasks. It makes it easier for hackers to log in to your root system to manipulate your data. Make a non-administrator account for daily tasks, and use your administrator account only when you need to perform system changes.