How to Setup Wireless Network for Your Mac Computers

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How to Setup Wireless Network for Your Mac Computers

If you have two or more Mac computers and you want to connect them to each other for fast and hassle-free sharing of files, Internet connection, printers, and so on, you can simply create a wireless connection between them. Wireless connections allow you to connect multiple Mac computers without the need for confusing wires. It’s easy to set up a wireless network for your Mac computers. Just follow these steps:

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Total Time Needed:



Required Tools:

Your Mac computers with wireless capabilities

Things Needed?

Apple Airport Base Station, Cable modem BNC cable, Cat5 ethernet cable

Steps to configure the How-to Schema:

Step 1

Choose a central location inside your home or office where you will place the Apple Airport Base Station.

Step 2

Put your cable modem beside your Airport and connect it to the BNC cable set up in your home. This is typically set up by your cable TV provider for your cable connection. Just install a splitter to split the connection into two, one for your cable TV and another for your Internet connection.

Step 3

Next, connect the cable modem to the Airport using a cat5 ethernet cable. The cable modem should be connected to the port with the circle above it.

Step 4

Turn on your cable modem first, then turn on the Airport.

Step 5

Turn on both your Mac computers.

Step 6

Open your Safari web browser (or any web browser you use) to check if you already connect to the Internet automatically. If not, go to System Preferences, and click on “Network.”

Step 7

Create a new location by choosing the “edit locations” option and clicking on the + sign. Provide a name for your new network location. After that, you will already find your new location from the menu.

Step 8

On the left side of the window, you will see a list. From there, select your Airport and check the box corresponding to the option “Show Airport Status on Menu Bar.” This way, you can easily change the status of your airport or connect to another network if you wish.

Step 8

You also have the option to set a password to protect your wireless network. You can do this before closing the Network Preferences window.

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