Tim Cook defended Apple's Security - 'Encryption is inherently great'

Last updated: April 27, 2024 Reading time: 2 minutes
Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook stood firm on his stance on encryption while attending Utah Tech Tour, a trade and advocacy group which represents 5000 or more lif-sciences and technology companies across the state.

According to Salt Lake Tribune, Tim Cook said, “We believe the only way to protect both your safety and privacy from a cyber attack is to encrypt. Encryption is inherently great. And we would not be a safe society without it.”

Encryption is an algorithm that scrambles your communication and data unreadable except to those with the right, correct key.

Apple has fought with the U.S. government in court cases on whether the FBI of the state can force the company to write back door codes to break its iPhone encryption in a criminal investigation. The case was resolved without the conclusive result of the legal question of whether the government holds this authority.

According to Business Insider, ‘This is one of the biggest issues that we face today,” Tim Cook said. “Encryption is what makes the public safe. As you all know, there are people kept alive because the grid is up. If our grid goes down, if there was a grid attack, the public’s safety is at risk” — hence the necessity for encryption to protect it.

“You can imagine defence systems need encryption because there are a few bad actors in the world who might like to attack those.”

At the question and answers session at Utah Technology Council, Cook kept the emphasis on the encryption that it does more than just protect your iPhones. It also helps to protect the entire defence system and the US power grids,

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