How Android Spy Apps are Stealing your Privacy?

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Cell phones are our lifelines, aren’t they? But if I reveal to you what spy software can access your personal life may make your relationship status with your device. Here are some grimy scenarios. Your ex-boyfriend can see every time you swipe right on Tinder. Anyone from your acquaintances can access your pictures in your private photo library. Your former husband is listening to your late-night call sessions with your new boyfriend. For millions out there, it’s an unfortunate truth!

Someone could be spying on every call, text, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Facebook message and every keystroke you tap out, but you would never know. I am talking about the Android Spy apps specially designed for comprehensive stalking, i.e., “Spyware.” Spyware for Android cell phones is readily available to any insecure wife, an overbearing parent, an overzealous boss, or a freaky stalker. It’s a concoction of high-grade malicious features that you cannot escape once it’s on your mobile. And you don’t even know if it’s there.

Millions of people are monitoring others’ cell phones for their digital misdeeds.

Spyware for Android phones

Spyware for Android cell phones has been around for a few years now, but this current crop is incredibly invasive. A spyware app can easily be planted in your device if someone has access to it for a few minutes. After installing the spyware on your device, the apps can follow whatever’s happening on your device. Its user can monitor your device until he keeps paying for the spyware subscription.

Stalking cheaters is a cornerstone of their ad campaigns. Some of them boast about their ability to bust your cheating partner. Some of the Android spy apps like Xnspy can leave you surprised by the variety of features they offer.

Specially designed applications also monitor your partner’s social media activity and give you a clock update on their social media interaction. You are also up-to-date with whom your partner is talking to by checking their call logs and even their call recordings. Their advocates say that social media is a jungle and cyberbullying is rampant; by checking their cell phone activity through these apps, their users can provide better counsel to their partners.

Android spyware offers 24/7 surveillance through dashboards that give targets up-to-date phone activity overview. But the apps are aware of the privacy infringements, so it also mentions that it should only be used after prior permission.

How do they Spy on Users

Let me discuss a few features that apps like Xnspy offer for spying:

Know the Location

The geolocation feature can serve as a great stalking tool. You can find your target with precision. Spyware for Android cell phones can be a blessing for millions if used positively. Spy software offers ample options to the people out there to digitally monitor the whereabouts of their husband or wife through location access. These apps provide location history in the form of a location log. And their location precision is remarkable!

Ease of Access

Another reason these apps are easy to operate is their design. Their interface is easy and secure in a way that nobody else can access without you. Once the app is installed in the target phone, it provides all the data by uploading it to the dashboard. The dashboard has all the features listed, and any feature can be activated through the dashboard. This ease of access makes these spying apps simple to use for everyone.

Spoofing information

The spying apps can be a lethal instrument if one is trying to dig into the secret information of someone else’s phone. Nowadays, many people keep their financial information on their phones as it is difficult to remember everything. So they store their passwords, key financial details, and other info on their phones. Once an Android spy app is installed on the target phone, the user can spoof all such information from the phone and may even cause financial harm. Spoofing has been prevalent for years, but this is a whole new method without getting caught.

IM Monitoring

Instant messengers are modern-day lifelines. There is hardly any person who is not using any form of instant messenger to socialize or communicate. Apps like Xnspy offer monitoring of many famous instant messengers, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, and a few more. Imagine someone monitoring all your received or sent messages. The fact that someone is spying on what you write all the time can freak you out.

Spyware for Android cell phones is not limited to instant messengers only. They also provide access to text messages. You can access the inbox of the target person with the help of these apps and read all the messages.

Spy on the Calls

Another essential but most potent feature of the spying apps. This feature can spy on all the calls of the target person. It can tell about the calls made and received through the target phone. It also shows the time stamps and locations of the call timings. This does not end here, it also keeps the recordings of all the calls on the phone, and you can listen to these calls anytime. There is no escape from them.


It all ends with how we exploit them for our purposes. It might freak out some people when they know about being monitored and may even lead to a relationship crisis, but for millions out there, this spyware is making their lives easy by keeping track of their loved ones.

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