Best Totally Free VPNs in 2023

Zehra Ali Last updated: September 15, 2023 Reading time: 17 minutes
11 Best Totally Free VPNs

The best free VPN providers are an easy and cheap way to increase your internet privacy and security without investing in a premium VPN. But since most free VPNs have several security loopholes and glitches, finding the best free VPN provider that reliably ensures robust security is tricky. 

Any random free VPN provider can expose your identity and activities to the real world. These VPNs often have hidden spyware, poor encryption standards, and shady log policies. Moreover, they don’t have a vast server network, which means frustratingly slow speeds. However, not all hope is lost! A handful of free VPNs offer relatively good online privacy and security with minimum drawbacks, such as the 11 best free VPN providers in this article.

Best free VPNs in 2023

Finding a free VPN provider is a real challenge as you come across several options claiming to be the best. However, these VPNs put your privacy at risk if you use them.