4 best apps for iPhone’s security: you need to know

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4 best apps for iPhone’s security

Security for a phone is always the first priority of people. And if you are an iPhone user, the following four apps may give you the security you wish for.

Definitely, it is not a piece of cake to get access to the iPhone as it already has security available in the form of the passcode, Touch ID, and encrypted iMessage, but having extra security can turn out to be very helpful as one keeps the private information in the phone.

If you are searching for the best security apps for an iPhone, this will surely help you. And the good news is that they are all free.

1. Keeply

For an iPhone user, the biggest threat is the loss or theft of an iPhone. For such an accident, you may need this app, an all-rounder that recovers your data, locates your iPhone, and provides security of information in the phone.

Keeply offers protection to your photos, notes, and passwords. Keeply’s protection policy ensures that your data is only stored on your phone and not on the cloud, but there are chances of backing it up on the preferred computer.

The best thing about this iPhone security app is that it does not require personal details, such as your contact list or location.

Besides all this, keeping has more amazing features, such as taking a picture of the person trying to access the app, the fake pin showing the app has nothing, and the face-down lock, which works as it sounds.

The second app that can be used is Lookout which locates your iPhone and deactivates it from a distance, but it can only be used if you have an Apple watch. Thus, this lookout stands second in the preference for security apps for iPhone.

2. LastPass

LastPass is a brilliant app for the security of your iPhone as it helps you to develop the toughest passwords, which are saved in an encrypted database guarded by a master password.

This app also makes it effortless to log in to websites. It saves your details and enters them when you want to log in.

Moreover, this security app also makes it fun to find your desired websites as it employs a library of apps.

LastPass is a security app that secures your data with 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, and fingerprint security. The basic functions are accessible, but if you want to sync into multiple devices, you’ll need to pay; however, the subscription is inexpensive in the market.

Some extra features of LastPass include the security audit and its option of using it offline. This app is considered reliable and provides the security that an iPhone user wishes for.

The app providing similar functions is 1Password which differs from LastPass in its aspect of being an offline app. It comes for free for an iPhone device. It offers a one-off fee and subscription model.

3. 1blocker

This security app for iPhone appears to be very helpful in blocking the ads that use your data and lets you tailor the sites and apps you want to block.

1Blocker has 7,000 pre-installed blockers, including ads, trackers, adult sites, comments, etc.

This app stands on top as it offers various customization options and lets you block the content that you don’t want to see.

Refine is also a security app like 1Blocker with a slighter difference in that it has few customization options.

4. Ghostery

Ghostery allows users to control what data they want to share on sites they visit.  One of the best features of this security app is the overview of followers and trackers of your activities on different websites, and disconnecting them- one click is all you need to do.


Hope that you have found the best security app for your iPhone. Security is necessary for all users; thus, these four apps will help you to develop a watchful eye over your data to protect it from attackers.

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