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Things You Should Do to Check If Your Webcam is Hacked or Not!

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Undoubtedly, the webcam is among the essential computer accessories which are very useful in some ways. However, it put some serious threats to privacy. If any second or third party gets access and control of your webcam, they can make use of it with severe after-effects.

Webcam hacks only occur when you do not have a secured or protected webcam. The webcam hacker most probably will blackmail you and might also risk your privacy. Not all the time but at times, web hacks news has gained the attention of media too. But regarding their execution not much has been found.

The hackers possess a brilliant mind. If they fail in one way, they adopt another method to inject malware into your device. By doing so, they gain access to your computer. In other words, it also means that as soon as they get access to your webcam they get access to your data as well.

If you want to ensure that somebody does not hack your webcam. We are presenting you seven pro tips which you must follow to check your web security and ensure your privacy:

Examine the Webcam Indicator Light:

The webcam has three indicator lights, i.e., blue, green, and red located near the lens. All these lights inform you whether the webcam is recording a video or not. These lights must be shut off when you are not using the webcam.

If at any time you observe light flashing, it indicates that another party is accessing your webcam. Let say, if the lights are gradually glowing; it means that the webcam is recording a video. In both situations, it is clear that someone else is using your webcam rather than you.

At times, lights stop to work and the users usually don’t pay attention to get it fixed. However, a webcam without warning lights increases the risk of spying and control of your webcam without your acquaintance.

Look for Unknown Applications

It is possible in some cases that webcam might be running an application about which you do not know at all. It usually happens when you unintentionally download malware or virus, and it attacks your webcam. To confirm the presence of a virus or malware, you should run your webcam.

Always pay attention to messages like is your webcam already in use? There is an app which is controlling your webcam. Find out more about this app and look that is it the same which you get installed or it is a malware tracing your programs which your webcam is using.

View Your Storage Files

If anyone other than you is using your webcam to record any footage so, a critical telltale sign will be the presence of an audio or video storage files which you haven’t create. All you need is to open the webcam recording folder and strictly view every file. If you found any data which you don’t remember you have created, then it might have been recorded by a hacker who has access to your webcam.

It is possible that hacker changes the location of files and move them to a new folder. Thus, you should also check the webcam settings to make sure that all the saved files are present in the folder which you have chosen.

Go with the Malware Scan Test

To check either your webcam is hacked or not, you should run a malware scan test. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below and perform the scan;

  • Open the System Configurations panel, go to Boot option.
  • From the Boot option select Safe Mode. Your system after restarting will boot into Safe Mode.
  • When your system is in Safe Mode, erase all temporary files to have some disk space and speed up the scanning process.
  • Run the existing antivirus program and look if it detects the presence of a virus.

Note Camera Abnormal Behavior

The web cameras are getting more developed and advanced by each passing day. It also means that now they are also capable of handling more features and functions. For instance, for better video capture you can change the direction of the camera. Whereas, the built-in mic and speaker allows them to acts like the phone too.

Moreover, for better and improved resolution the webcam can adjust their lenses too. But if you notice that webcam is doing any of these things spontaneously, then it is a sign that your camera is under the control of an unknown person.

Check Webcam Security Settings:

It is also essential and necessary to check the webcam security setting to ensure that your webcam safety isn’t at risk. Do check either your webcam security setting have been changed or not.

If you notice that

  • Your password gets changed to its default setting.
  • You are not able to make any changes to the settings.
  • The admin gets changed.
  • The firewall protection for your camera has been turned off.

Then it could be an indication that your webcam is being operated by some else.

Examine the Data Flow:

The data flow of your network can reveal how much you use your internet data during an online session.Your data is being used by some else without your consent when there are any immediate spikes on your network.

To look if some else is using your camera check the task management tool. Like, in Windows 10 you can easily use the App History tab in the Task Manager to have a view which apps are accessing your network. Check if your camera or an unknown application is sending any doubtful data. If you found any such data or program, use a malware removal tool to delete it.

Final Thoughts:

Although a webcam permits you to keep a watchful eye on your home but it is also essential to keep an eye on your webcam.

It is alarming if someone is keeping a watchful eye on you without your knowledge. Having complete control over your security and privacy is very imperative. If there is something which you founds fishy, follow the steps mentioned above and check if your webcam is hacked or not.

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