4 Strategies Small Businesses Can Use to Counter Cyber Crime

Rebecca James Last updated: August 9, 2023 Reading time: 5 minutes
Small Businesses Can Use to Counter Cyber Crime

We are living in the age of artificial intelligence. There is no stoppage in technology and advancement in today’s world. With the increasing number of businesses and the avenues for them to excel painstakingly, there is always room for confidential stores or management. And this is where the threat quotient arises because small businesses need security to safeguard their private and highly personal data from hackers and malicious activities. Therefore, they prefer to put their data on cloud services with more complex configurations and security practices.

On the other hand, the headlines for security breaches have become quite common these days: big tycoons like Yahoo, Home Depot, and Target, too, have faced cyber attacks. So, cyber threats for smaller companies and start-ups have become a mandate here. They are at high risk if they go weak online on the security parameters.

So what is the problem, and why are small businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks?

The problem, of course, is the lack of required systems and resources that are quintessential for small-sized bossiness. These start-ups need high-end security measures to defend against cyber-attacks and stop hackers from penetrating their systems. Additionally, because the attackers and hackers are very active online on the servers and networks, they put your small business at high risk. Cybercriminals are ever more effective, and their hacking techniques are budding rapidly; thus, one must be superlatively cautious and alert.

Let’s take a case study for better learning: According to cyber security and technology strategist Elena Kvochko, over 80% of small businesses in the USA use cloud services (reasons can be many). This makes these start-ups more susceptible to cyber-attacks.