6 Tips To Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network Quickly

Last updated: July 5, 2023 Reading time: 6 minutes

Within the confines of our own homes, browsing through the internet is as easy as ABC.

As long as our devices are connected to a home Wi-Fi, most of us spend little to no time driving our minds in a frenzy over how much network traffic our browsing activities occupy, or whether or not we face any immediate threats from hackers.

Despite the ease that our household Wi-Fi has to offer, there are fewer things in life as seductive as a free public Wi-Fi network.

 Who can deny the wave of euphoria that passes over when you get the notification for free Wi-Fi, as you’re roaming through aisles and aisles of clothing?

Despite the ease that household Wi-Fi networks have brought in the lives of millions, many people, for a multitude of reasons, flock towards free Wi-Fi networks, as a recent survey by ITRC revealed.

However, as responsible consumers of technology, it is our duty to be aware of the perils that haunt public Wi-Fi networks, and how to get rid of them.