6 Best VPN Providers That Offer Dedicated IP Address in 2023

Rebecca James Last updated: September 13, 2023 Reading time: 10 minutes
6 Best VPN Providers That Offer Dedicated IP Address in 2023

Connecting to a VPN server assigns you an IP address shared with hundreds of other users. Though it’s good from a privacy perspective, it can create problems for other users, like getting blocklisted from websites and services, can’t send emails, and having difficulty accessing sites that deploys 2FA. Using the best-dedicated IP address VPN provider is the perfect solution to get around the shortcomings of a dynamic IP address and ensures improved stability and reliability.

A dedicated IP address is not shared except for the user using it. A dedicated IP address is ideal for accessing a service or website that might block you from having a changed IP address. For example, when you’re abroad and want to unblock banking services, access gaming platforms, and geo-blocked streaming services like Netflix.

A VPN’s dedicated IP address is an add-on feature not all VPNs offer. You must pay an extra price since you can’t buy it as a standalone feature. The following article discusses the best-dedicated IP VPN providers that are affordable and offer amazing benefits.

Six best dedicated IP Address VPN providers