Best Zenmate Alternatives To Use In 2024

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Best Zenmate Alternatives

Zenmate is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) based in Berlin, Germany, with free and paid services. The Zenmate VPN was developed by the company, ZenGuard, which is German-based. This VPN provides multilingual options, including customized German, Turkish, English, Korean, Russian, and Spanish text options.

The Zenmate VPN is an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. However, they have recently introduced a VPN client compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.

Yet, it is to remember that the extension cannot encrypt the traffic of other programs on your device. The desktop VPN client provides complete device security, but you must get a paid version, and only a 7-day trial period is available.

What’s the main issue with Zenmate

Chrome has its VPN extension, Zenmate, to overcome these issues and unblock websites. However, due to its availability and efficiency only on Chrome, people are questing for Zenmate alternatives that could unblock websites and content through any browser. Zenmate has also moved a few virtual locations to premium packages from free services, such as the United Kingdom.

However, these VPN alternatives would cater to speed issues such as ISP throttling which is becoming uncomplicated through enforcing rules such as the Net neutrality ones scattered all over the internet.

VPN is becoming a vital privacy tool for many reasons, and many people want a solution for which they don’t need to spend any amount. Therefore, we have sorted out some of the best Zenmate alternatives that could enhance your online experience to an unimagined level.

Is Zenmate free?

The Zenmate extensions are free, but you must buy the premium version of Zenmate VPN for the desktop client. There are claims that the free version could sell your data to third parties to gain the benefit. Yet, there are much confusion and dissatisfaction regarding the safety of the free versions.

Yet, there are restrictions on the accessible version of the Zenmate extension. Also, their VPN extension is free, and desktop or device clients are only accessible when you pay for it. Also, remember that the extension is just a proxy and doesn’t provide encryption.

  • Out of a total of 30 servers worldwide, you could only access four server options in the free
  • You can get Firefox and Chrome extensions which don’t protect your entire traffic except for that browser.
  • Kill Switch and DNS leak protection features are just for the Windows desktop client.

Is Zenmate Safe?

Zenmate is a Germany-based VPN provider, and with this location, they claim to be secure. Among all the European countries, Germany is one of the few nations that doesn’t have strict internet laws. However, there is a dispute between the European Union Commission and the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Also, it is believed that BND, the surveillance agency of Germany, is in touch with other government agencies such as NSA, and also they tend to access user data.

On the other hand, the Zenmate privacy policy is a bit concerning. Like all other VPN services, they also claim to have a strict no-log policy, but a clause mentions that personal data is collected when necessary to ensure that the Zenmate service is working well. This clause is in the “When you select a certain server to use Zenmate” section.

This is concerning because Zenmate is saying about the connection timestamp. The data stored, along with the IP and the user’s name, could be used to claim an e2e attack against the user. Therefore, the Zenmate privacy policy doesn’t contain an actual no-log policy.

Zenmate offers features like DNS leak protection, malware blocking, and tracking protection in security. However, the encrypting features of Zenmate are not too good.

The Zenmate VPN provides the latest TLS 1.2 protocol via OpenVPN. The encryption algorithm used by them is an AES-256 bit. However, AES encryption is not part of their extension (a kind of proxy rather than a VPN).

Is Zenmate Good?

Zenmate is a good VPN for those new to VPN technology who don’t want complications. But is it secure and worthy? Because it is an easy-to-use VPN, anyone can get used to it.

Zenmate was previously just the extension, and there wasn’t a separate client. Also, they offer their extension free of cost, which has limited features compared to their paid desktop client. The paid version of Zenmate VPN is 8.99 USD per month, and with this amount, you can quickly get a reputable VPN service. Yet, some of the complete VPN software with a wide range of security and features could be subscribed to for less than $5.00, such as Private Internet Access.

The customer support channel is below average, as seen in the reviews from other Zenmate users. They don’t have live chat support, and even the request submitting process is not fast and easily accessible. You have to go through several clicks to get to the request page. However, once the request is submitted, the Zenmate support team takes annoyingly long to answer the query.

Zenmate VS Alternatives

Because of the minimal features of Zenmate VPN, most people are moving towards Zenmate alternatives. Also, removing some virtual locations from accessible to premium plans has impacted the user percentage of Zenmate VPN.

Therefore, I have tested some free VPN extensions that were the best-performing Zenmate alternatives and had comparatively more features. Despite being relatively better than Zenmate, these VPNs lack privacy confusion, too, as they keep a way to get the benefit. Most free VPNs keep such services which could drag the users to their premium version.

So, getting paid VPNs that are reputable and highly affordable cheap VPN services (as low as $3/M) is better.

Zenmate VS Hola VPN

Zenmate and Hola are both popular VPN providers, but there are quite a few differences regarding their features. The price variation between them is not so much, with Zenmate starting from $8.99/M and Hola for $5.00/M.

Both services are below the VPN security levels in terms of security. Yet, the Zenmate VPN has determined the usage of the TLS 1.2 protocol, and the protocol for Hola VPN isn’t specified till now. Also, Hola VPN’s encryption is unknown compared to Zenmate’s AES 256-bit encryption in the paid client software.

As discussed above, Zenmate VPN’s no-log policy is vague, but they claim to do so. But, the Hola VPN states to retain a user’s connection and usage logs.

A benefit of Hola VPN is a P2P VPN service that allows torrenting. On the other hand, with Zenmate, you cannot enjoy P2P file sharing and torrenting. Unlike Hola VPN, there is the kill switch feature in Zenmate VPN, but SmartDNS is not in their service.

Looking at the other features, there is an edge to the Hola VPN. For instance, there is an unlimited simultaneous connection space with Hola VPN, and their servers are present in 190 countries. However, the Zenmate VPN has limited server connections of 5 devices and is restricted only to 30 countries.

Why You Should Consider Zenmate Alternatives

Zenmate is considered a popular VPN Chrome extension without any charges. However, changing policies has created annoyance among users. A significant drawback is that a virtual location like the United Kingdom is excluded from the free service. Instead, you have to opt for their premium package to stream content that could be viewed just in the UK.

The Zenmate alternatives we have selected for our readers are the ones that could provide a vast range of content in almost every region of the world. Below are some of those recommendations;

1. Tor Browser

Built-in VPNSpeed issues while using Tor
Pre-installed Ad-Blocker
Blocks tracking and encrypting data

You might have heard about the Tor browser due to its increasing popularity and preference among internet users. It provides anonymous browsing with the dynamic capability to unblock restricted content. It could easily be downloaded through the internet. It contains data encryption for your traffic, eliminating the risk of cyber threats.

It is a browser with a built-in ad-blocker and a built-in VPN. Therefore, it’s a great choice to consider as a Zenmate alternative.

2. DotVPN

More than ten virtual locations It doesn’t provide a faster network on a free version
Unlimited bandwidth
Firewall and tracking protection

DotVPN is one of the best Zenmate alternatives, which has its free version available at more than ten virtual locations, including the United Kingdom. It provides Ad blocking, Bandwidth Saver, tracking protection, and a firewall.

It works much faster and more efficiently than Zenmate. Also, a premium version of DotVPN is available with 30 days of free trial. With the premium version, you can browse the internet faster, with strong encryption and no intrusive ads. However, it’s much more affordable than the premium version of Zenmate.

3. Browsec VPN

Connection speed Up to 100 Mbit/sLimited Virtual location options
Easy to use
Works with any iOS and Android app

From Zenmate alternatives, Browsec is the one straightforward to use. It is available in four virtual locations: the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, and the Netherlands. However, it doesn’t carry many features and has an on and off button. The free version of Browsec offers unlimited data, the most considerable advantage users search for when they want free service.

4. TunnelBear VPN

Available at many virtual locationsData limit of 500 MB on a free version
Easy usage
Good speed

When discussing a free VPN service, TunnelBear VPN is well-known among internet users. With all the critical locations, such as the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Hong Kong, and others, this VPN offers many virtual places. These perks make it among the top Zenmate alternatives that are best for you to unblock content, encrypt traffic, browse anonymously, and much more.

However, on its free version, you could only get 500 MB of data, and in case you tweet about it, then 1 GB will be added to your data.

5. Betternet VPN

No hidden chargesIntrusive pop-ups, i.e., app recommendation and content
Free VPN browsing extension
Logs are kept anonymous

Betternet is also one of the best choices from Zenmate alternatives. From various free services available on the internet, Betternet VPN is among the ones which have good user reviews. It is free and contains no hidden charges, despite providing AES 256-bit encryption similar to the paid VPN services.

However, Betternet doesn’t allow its users to change virtual locations.

6. Supernet VPN

No hidden chargesJust five Virtual location options
Easy setup
Available for browsers, desktops, and mobile phones

Supernet VPN is among those Zenmate alternatives that are easy to use and set up. You could quickly get it from the Google web store, which is available for mobiles, browsers, and desktop platforms. The virtual locations you could select from include the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

It is a free VPN service; however, there is a bit of confusion about its privacy features and internet speed.

7. Hotspot Shield VPN

Could Connect five devices at a timeIntrusive ads
Malware protection

Hotspot Shield is a VPN service that provides protected online browsing without charges. Unlike other free VPN services, the Hotspot shield is considered the one that hides your IP address, providing complete anonymity. This is why it is an efficient choice for the ones searching for the best Zenmate alternative.

However, it is restricted on some sites, and the servers are not in the United States. Also, the accessible version of Hotspot Shield includes annoying ads.


Zenmate VPN is a newbie-friendly service with a user-friendly interface and an easy setup. However, features such as website support and customer service of Zenmate VPN are frustrating.

 Users having a lighter need for VPN could use Zenmate VPN, but if the need is mild with less security.

A free VPN is not worth it, and the paid version has no distinctive features. Also, the fact is that at Zenmate’s premium price, you can get efficient and reputable VPN services along with many distinctive features.

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