12 Tips To Achieve Anonymity on Phone (Android or iPhone) in 2023

Zehra Ali Last updated: August 15, 2023 Reading time: 17 minutes
12 Tips To Achieve Anonymity on Phone

When considering the modern threat landscape, it is obvious how crucial it is for iPhone and Android users to try and attain online anonymity. Because whether it is iPhone users or Android users, everyone going online is vulnerable to online surveillance and data breaches. While iPhone users are subject to various spyware and malware, such as Pegasus, Android users also frequently become victims of such events, such as the infamous Flubot botnet.

Moreover, along with the prevalent malware attacks, several other things to look out for, such as data breaches, social engineering attacks, and constant online surveillance. Amidst this, attaining anonymity has been reduced to a necessity rather than a luxury. Fortunately, while achieving anonymity might seem problematic, it is pretty simple if only you know what to do.

Why do I need to remain anonymous on Android or iPhone?

The world today is dominated by mass surveillance and prevalent cyber-attacks. The number of cyber threats and data breaches remains on a constant rise.