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Best VPN For Streaming – Unblocked & Fastest Streaming

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The World is becoming a global village just because you can view and connect with the other parts of the world being at a particular corner. But today also, many geo restrictions and censorship policies have confined the users from enjoying their favorite content. Almost every country has constrained some internet content that is allowed in other.

However, you could bypass these restrictions by having the Best VPN for Streaming. Most of the VPN users are those who have opted it as VPN for streaming purpose. However, the high excellence of VPN is security and privacy that it provides with unblocking streaming content. While flowing, you are also prone to cyber thefts and vulnerabilities that could transfer your data to prying eyes.

Whereas, Governments impose such constrictions due to a license agreement by the copyright holders who don’t allow their content to be streamed anywhere else. Also, many countries have strict laws regarding unblocking such content.

Why You Should Use VPN For Streaming

When you want to enjoy your favorite content, and it has restrictions, it annoys you. But through using VPN for streaming, you can encounter these problems. The geo-restrictions and censorship policies on specific stuff are due to copyright policies breaking which could be an unlawful act.

However, a reputable and best VPN for streaming provides you a way through such issues. It assigns you a fake IP address according to the content you want to watch. For instance, you are willing to watch live streaming of British cable TV than a VPN would connect you to the server located in the UK and through this, you will be shown as a native of that region where the content is legal and have no restrictions. Therefore, the risk of being caught in an unlawful act also vanishes when you are using VPN for streaming.

Also, a VPN for streaming provides you with the encryption that makes you internet traffic unrecognizable for anyone tracking you. The Best VPNs for Streaming are those who have an efficient power to keep your data anonymous from every entity including Internet Providers, government, law enforcement, and other prying eyes.

Therefore, your data remains unidentified and nobody could even recognize your identity on the website you visit. So, you are free to enjoy your favorite stuff of almost every channel such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime etc. while connected to a VPN for Streaming without any privacy concerns.

One of the most useful advantages of connecting to the Best VPN for streaming is that you could enjoy any stuff while traveling to any other country. Many of the nations you visit have strict rules regarding streaming content which are against their policies. But when you have VPN with you, it’s nothing to worry about.

All these comforts that a VPN for streaming providers are the one making it the best choice for those who are a great fan of watching stuff from all over the world. Be it the TV shows, movies, Live shows or cricket leagues you are restricted to nothing.

Features That Makes The Best VPN For Streaming

Due to the laws and policies from many countries regarding streaming, most of the people are moving towards VPN for streaming. However, such urgency has created opportunities for many scammers to trick people by offering fake VPN services. Also, many free VPN providers are those who lack efficient services, and their users have to face issues.

Although, there are some features offered by certain VPN providers to their users that make them Best VPN for streaming. A VPN having servers in many countries caters efficient streaming, having an ability to unblock the contents easily because of its vast coverage of servers. By connecting the user to the nearest server of the country whose content he/she wants to stream.

Streaming videos are a great experience if they are smooth running and have unstopped downloading. To ensure this, you have to make sure that a VPN for streaming you are selecting have fast speed. Generally, after setting up a VPN, most customers have to face speed issues which could be avoided only when you have the best VPN for streaming.

However, many times you have to face sudden speed drops and downloading problems. This happens when your VPN provider throttles speed after it reaches to a certain bandwidth limit. Also, when there is heavy traffic on a server, VPN service is slowed down. So, when you are streaming heavy content such as Netflix, HBO or Hulu, you could face slow speed. Therefore, always consider a VPN for Streaming that offers high bandwidth limit.

Many people also think that while streaming anonymity and identity doesn’t matters, but that’s not the case. When you are streaming a content which is blocked in that region than you could be charged for committing an illegal act. Also, cyber threats surfacing around while streaming could vanish through best VPN for streaming which offers efficient security protocol.

These are some features you should consider if you want a great and secure streaming experience.

5 Best VPN for Streaming | Best Recommendations 2018

As told before, people have many VPN choices to select from. But, if you are really in search of authentic and efficient VPNs for streaming, then only a few are the ones to fulfill the criteria. Once you select a reputable VPN, it’s a long-lasting solution for your streaming issues.

People opting free VPN services are mostly complaining about the inefficient services and inconsistencies they have to face. Also, such VPNs have low-speed problems which are a great hindrance for the ones who love streaming.

Here we would provide you the Best VPN for streaming options to provide you the ease to select from one of the most preferred VPN services of the users around the world. Such VPNs have excellent customer care services and are worth spending money.

1 – NordVPN (Location – Panama)


  • Efficient streaming DNS
  • Vast coverage of Servers
  • VPN-over-VPN
  • No Bandwidth limit


  • Couldn’t connect multiple devices to the same protocol at a time
  • The free trial is complicated and hidden

NordVPN is our first choice for the Best VPN for streaming because of its vast server coverage, i.e., more than 760 servers in different countries, it provides excellent opportunities for unblocking content to the users. They also have introduced the mobile-friendly security protocol IKEv2/IPsec along with other protocols, i.e., PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN.

Their policy regarding log is also the one through which its customers remain anonymous and protected while streaming stuff. The fast speed streaming servers of NordVPN also provides smooth and unhindered downloading of videos.

However, the unavailability of connecting multiple devices to the same protocol makes it a little inefficient. Only 4 devices could be connected at a time to the same protocol. Due to its affordable pricing plans and 30-day money back guarantee it is placed on the other VPN providers. The pricing plans are;

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2 – ExpressVPN (Location – British Virgin Islands)


  • Vast servers coverage with responsive latency
  • Excellent Speed


  • Free trial not available
  • Bit expensive compared to others

Due to its lightning fast speed, ExpressVPN is listed among the top Best VPN for streaming. It has servers in almost 90 countries which means access to virtually any content of any country. Also, it provides with 24/7 customer care that says you could address your problem at any time.

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands and has a strict no-log policy, keeping user’s identity entirely anonymous and secure. However, it is a little pricier than the other VPN providers. But, the unavailability of free trial with ExpressVPN is overcome by the offer of 30-days money back guarantee. The pricing plans are;

3 – PureVPN (Location – Hong Kong)


  • Vast Server Coverage
  • Excellent performance
  • No-log Policy


  • No free trial
  • DNS Leak

If your video is struck or has stopped from responding, then you have an option of kill switch with PureVPN. That is what protects your data from any such insecurity, and such features make it one of the Best VPN for Streaming to be selected.

Other distinctive features of PureVPN are Split Tunneling and Virtual Router. Through split tunneling, you could separate your stuff into encrypted and non-encrypted data according to the content which doesn’t need encryption. This will help your internet speed to remain fast. However, Virtual Router makes your VPN software into a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect more devices along with separate 5 devices which it inherently supports on a single account.

It does not provide free trial but has 7-day money back Guarantee. The pricing plans are;

4 – Private Internet Access (Location – United States)


  • Vast Network of Servers
  • Cheap rates as compared to others


  • Average performance
  • No Free Trial

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN is the also our one recommendation for Best VPN for Streaming. It has a vast server network which is more than 3200 servers in different countries, providing ease for streaming. They have separate P2P servers optimized for uncapped speed and unlimited bandwidth on them. However, their downloading speed is little low as compared to others.

But, the low rates of PIA VPN compensate for the problem. Also, it has strict no log policy even though it is a US-based VPN service. With 7-day money back guarantee, their pricing plan is;

5 – IvacyVPN (Location – Singapore)


  • Satisfactory performance
  • Affordable pricing plan


  • Mobile support below average
  • Refund is available under limited conditions

Our last recommendation for the Best VPN for Streaming is IvacyVPN. They offer optimized P2P servers with consistent speed and unlimited bandwidth. It has an option of connecting 5 devices at a time.

Due to its location in Singapore, it offers a strict no-log policy to their customers. They have revised their 7-day refund policy, and now your options are limited to get a refund. You won’t get a refund if you have used Bitcoin or Paymentwall payment methods; you have used 7GB or more bandwidth; you have connected VPN 30 times or more.

With the 7-day money back guarantee, pricing plans offered by IvacyVPN are;


When streaming your favorite stuff, you want flawless and uninterrupted streaming experience. But the restrictions and blockades create annoyance among the people. However, the present strictness to the internet and streaming content could become harsher in the coming time.

For this reason, we have recommended our readers the Best VPN for streaming that could enhance their internet streaming experience a thousand times better. Besides it, the worries of being prone to data vulnerabilities and cyber crimes could also be avoided through a secure and reputable VPN.

With the opportunities for vast streaming content, nobody wants to remain unfamiliar with such fantastic stuff. So, if you are willing to have a great streaming adventure then get one of that VPN for streaming mentioned above.

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