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How To Delete Google Search History And Prevent Logs?

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It is for sure that every one of us has searched some embarrassing terms on the internet. Not a single person can claim they have not searched for things they don’t want to share. Besides the embarrassment, some things that we search should remain private but google search history keeps all your activities.

We all think that clearing our browser history deletes every search we make. Do you believe that?

Then let’s break your hope and tell you that Google keeps all history that you search in their servers. Clearing out your browser history only deletes the history from your devices and not from the Google servers.

Most of us want to keep our online privacy protected, so let’s provide you with the way you will be able to delete that awkward google search history and further keep your future searches out of the reach of Google servers.

First Download Your Google Search History

Before deleting your Google search history, you first have to download it. This element may seem strange to you, but it makes a difference. By following the easy steps given below, you will be able to download and save your Google search history:

  1. On your Google account drive, to the MY ACTIVITY page.

2. Click the three vertical dots at the upper right corner and then click “other Google activity.”

Google archive

3. Click “create archive” when you reach the topic “download your past searches.”

create Google archive

4. Select the options that you want to delete. And if you only want to delete your searches then, it’s the fourth one from the bottom.

download Google archive

5. Modify your archive format, including the optional file types and your archive size.

customize Google archive

6. Pick your preferred delivery procedure, such as you want it via e-mail or added to your drive, dropbox, or OneDrive.

create Google archive

7. Now click “create archive” and check for e-mail or online backup to ensure that it has been received.

Delete And Pause Your Google Search History

Now that you have your Google search history downloaded in your e-mail or online backup. We will drive you through deleting and disabling the function. Following are the two sections that will help you through the process:

Erase Your Google Search History

  1. Go back to the My Activity page. Click the three vertical dots then select ‘’ Delete activity by.’’
delete Google search history

2. Select “all time”all-time by date.

delete Google search history

3. You will see a section below deleted by the date shown as “all products.” It is up to you if you want to delete anything specific, but we suggest you delete it all.

delete all Google products

4. Now click “DELETE.” Google will ask you to review, then click “OK.”

delete Google history

5. If successful, you will not observe any logs on the My Activity page.

Pause Google Activity Logging

To keep Google disabled from keeping an eye on your searches, make them stop by following these steps:

  1. Go back to the My Activity page. Click the vertical ellipsis and pick ‘’Activity controls.’’
disable Google data collection

2. Move the blue switch to the left, besides “Web and app activity.”

disable Google web and app

3. A pop-up saying “Pause web and app activity?” will appear. Examine the information given and then click “PAUSE.”

disable Google tracking

4. If your action is successful, the switch beside “Web and app activity” will appear gray, clearly showing that the activity has been paused.

pause Google tracking

5. When you will scroll down through the page, you will be presented with different options such as “Device information,” “Voice and audio activity,” “YouTube search history,” “Location history,” and “YouTube watch history.” If the switches are blue, swipe them to gray to pause; if already they are gray, leave them as it is.

delete YouTube history

6. If all your actions were successful, all the switches would be gray, clearly seeing that the activity was disabled.

By doing the above actions, your searches will be personalized.

Reasons Why Clearing Your Google History Is Important

To convince you to remove your search history, we will tell you how your data can be used if it makes way to the wrong hands.

Whatever you put in the search engine of Google, such as pictures, links, and websites, Google will know everything about you. By the information you place in the search, Google has a particular image about you: your age, gender, location, school, interests, hobbies, and likes.

Besides having all your data revealed to Google, there is also the danger of your data being used for wrong purposes or blackmailing you. Safety precautions are essential to protect yourself from being hacked.

Some Measures To Protect Your Online Privacy

  1. Having an anonymous search engine may help you from being tracked.
  2. Delete the account that is not in use. Accounts that you have forgotten may help the hackers hack your important accounts, such as Gmail or Facebook.
  3. Sign up with a VPN provider to protect your online privacy.

From now on, when you know that Google stores your every search, you now need to be more cautious. Clearing and disabling your Google search history not only saves you from targeted advertising and embarrassing searches but also protects your online privacy.

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