IS UC Browser Safe of Use? 2023 Review

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IS UC Browser Safe

Nowadays, many people choose UC Browser because they know it is one of the fastest and best web browsers for different operating systems. These are the main reasons why millions of people around the globe use it daily.

If you read this article, it means you are among them or on the point of becoming one. All internet users love UC browsers for pc thanks to their numerous advanced features provided by the developer and the simplicity to use.

UC Browser is packed with many excellent add-ons and extensions that not many similar web browsers can offer to their users. You can use UC Browser to simultaneously meet all the primary requirements of 5-10 Different Apps. It is important to stress that UC Browser is not just a regular web browser, as it offers many more features than everyone might expect.

As mentioned earlier, UC Browser is more than a web browser. There are a lot of add-ons and extensions which are prebuilt into it, making this browser very special. You can use it on your computer or Android devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Even a well-known Google Chrome is just a simple web browser with fewer features than the UC Browser.

In this article, we will show you and explain the best UC Browser features and tips and tricks to make your internet surfing experience much faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Many users of the UC Browser are not so aware of this modern and up-to-date browser. This article is written exclusively for those who want to use this browser to its full potential. So, it is time to jump into the details quickly. If you are interested, continue to read.

Is UC Browser Safe To Use?

Although the UC browser has several admirable browsing features, it is not as safe as you might anticipate. It was recently confronted for stealing its user’s data and sending it to an undisclosed server in China. This made users skeptical about their privacy while using the UC browser. It also implies that your browsing data is unsafe while using the UC browser, and you might pay a higher price. We recommend using one of our best alternatives for UC browsing to ensure you are secure while browsing.

Block Ads feature

We all are annoyed with websites that are overloaded with annoying advertisements. It is a huge business; people make big money by pushing their ads everywhere possible. It is done exclusively to make money and not serve readers.

In such a situation, we are all fed up with bad and ugly advertisements and self-installing applications. It is quite common that such ads automatically change your web browser settings and Homepage settings to a different site. This is where UC Browser can help you get rid of ads and make your surfing experience thrilled. You should activate the Ad Block feature from the settings of the UC Browser. To activate the feature, go to “Tools”> “AdBlocker” and enable it.

Snapshot feature

Sometimes it is convenient to take screenshots of individual web pages and send them to your friends. They can be helpful for learning purposes as well. You can take a full screenshot by pressing the power and volume down buttons.

However, if you want to apply some basic editing, you should go to the “Snapshot” option, which allows you to capture a screenshot and do fast editing. It is possible to add funny characters and other text content on the captured image before you save it on your device, protecting it. To take a Snapshot/Screenshot, go to “Tools” and press the “Screen Shot” option.

Now, crop and choose how many portions you need in your screenshot. After editing, your screenshot is ready for your friends or colleagues.

Night Mode feature

This is one of the best features of the UC Browser that will make you an addicted user. Many people surf the Internet at night time. So, there is usually no light in the room when it happens. It isn’t perfect for your eyesight to look and read the text in high contrast and brightness.

Use the Night Mode feature to evaluate severe eye problems. Using this feature, the UC Browser will automatically make the background black, saving your eyes from tiredness. To enable Night Mode, press three horizontal line icons at the bottom of the web page and click on the “Night” option.

Variety of themes

Customization is one of the best parts of the UC Browser. The range of themes is fascinating. You can modify the theme of our current layout, change the background, or add a completely new one. You can adjust the brightness and contrast.

It is even possible to use your pictures or photos or download them from the Internet and use them as your background. To activate a new custom theme, press on the three horizontal line icons at the center bottom of the page and press the “Themes” option. Now you have to select the theme you like the most.

Use Desktop Website mode

If you want to view a particular website in the Desktop Mode, which offers an elite web page edition, UC Browser can help you.

Speed Dial Feature

If you use the default version of UC Browser, you may have noticed some website shortcuts placed on the start page. It is possible to add a new one by replacing the ones you do not use. You have to long-press an icon. Now you must enter the desired website address and name to configure it. This is a convenient feature if you visit some websites regularly. So, you can visit your favorite website with a single tap.

Social Sharing feature 

You can share any website with your friends with UC Browser. You must press the share button and select the medium for sharing it. Note that some sites do not have a sharing option enabled in them. In such a case, you can use the built-in feature to share any webpage on your Social Media Profile with just a tap. Sharing made has never been that simple.

Search for words within the Page

UC Browser enables you to look for particular words on a webpage. That is where this feature in the UC Browser comes in handy. Many students and writers love it and use it regularly.

QR Code Scanner

You can scan the QR Code of any product to find detailed information on it. This is a handy feature if you work in marketing and want to know about different goods more. You can access the QR Code Scanner in the “Tools” section by selecting “QR Code Scanner.”

Which is the best UC Browser Alternative?

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a superb online browser with features such as private browsing mode, an ad blocker, a monitoring blocker, and a Kids Mode function that filters out inappropriate content. Also, it has a friendly user interface, which is ideal for users that utilize the Microsoft ecosystem on their Android gadgets and PCs.

This web browser functions well with all Microsoft programs, including Skype, Bing, and Office. It also supports extensions and offers its own, such as LastPass and Adblock Plus. Moreover, you can use the text scaling feature to zoom in or out to adjust your reading comfort.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo web browser prioritizes your privacy by encrypting all your web traffic and blocking third parties to improve your browsing experience. It also includes a built-in private search engine that does not store your IP address and super-fast browsing speeds.

The web browser has a user-friendly design, allowing you to surf the whole web or customize your search to videos, images, news, maps, shopping, or meanings. It has an efficient fire button that you can use to close all active windows and tabs spontaneously. Furthermore, it provides apps for operating systems like Android, iOS and an extension for the Edge browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a reputable web browser with a simple user interface, blazing browser speeds, and top-notch security features. Additionally, it provides excellent safety because it is constantly updated against emerging security threats.

Furthermore, it is more efficient than the UC browser because of its extra features, like its ability to open many tabs simultaneously, multiple extensions, and constant updates that allow new security and customization features to install.

Phoenix Browser

 Phoenix Browser is a reliable web browser offering a free secure VPN service with many virtual servers. The VPN offers you unlimited bandwidth and also enhances your privacy and security. It also includes extra features like a data saver, status saver, video downloader, ad blocker, and file manager. 

The web browser is renowned among users because it loads pages two times faster to help you save your data. Moreover, the browser has a range of customization options that gives you a superb user experience, and it regularly updates to boost your online security.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a fast, private, and secure online browser popular for its data-saving feature, which compresses videos, photos, and web pages to help you save data. It also includes features like a built-in VPN, a simple UI, and a built-in ad blocker that make your browsing experience more seamless.

You can browse usually or privately to avoid being monitored and modify your display into dark, auto, or light themes. Moreover, it includes a friendly UI that allows you to surf quickly and the best news updates you can view in the background.


Now, we are ready to wrap everything up. You know all the essential features of the UC Browser. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and will try UC Browser for your daily educational or business needs. Every user will find something handy in it because the developer did his best to satisfy the needs of everyone.

It is an excellent alternative to other websites, like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. If you have discovered additional handy features, let us know in the comments section. Such information is valuable to us, and we will greatly pleasure share it with the users.

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